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Special Events

The following Special Events are listed on this page. Scroll down for more information on each event.

Colt Starting Challenge USA
Mustang Days
Equine Comeback Challenge / Forever Home Adoption Showcase
Colorado's Most Wanted Thoroughbred
Working Equitation
Cowboy Dressage
Select Horse Sale
Artist's Reception & Mane Event - An Evening of Equestrian!

Colt Starting Challenge USA
Watch interview here with Founders
Russell & Cristy Beatty

*To enter your unbroke mare or gelding for this event, call Cristy at 808-269-3408.

Click image above for SIZZLE video!
If you love horses, you will enjoy watching experienced cowboys and cowgirls from around the Country gentle, start, and ride unbroke horses in just a few hours. How is this possible? These horse trainers are not only very talented, but they are using Natural Horsemanship methods. This technique speeds up the process of starting and gentling a horse. Our event is not only to entertain you, but also to educate you about how a horse thinks, operates, and responds to a Horse Trainer’s cues using body language. Watch THE ACTION as you see the unique personalities of not only the horses, but also of the Contestants, and their original concepts to starting colts.

It is Colt Starting Challenge USA’s goal to provide a forum for Horse Trainers from around the Country to compete at our events, in order to show off their Natural Horsemanship skills. The Trainers compete against each other in order to find out at each event, who wins the Champion Trainer buckle. Trainers gain cumulative points at each event towards participation in the National Finals, at the prestigious NFR Cowboy Christmas Trade Show in Las Vegas, Nevada in December. 

Colt Starting Challenge USA was founded by expert Horse Trainer Russell Beatty and his wife and announcer Cristy Beatty. They now tour the United States to produce Colt Starting Challenge USA events from California to Virginia.

For more information, see our web site at and our Facebook page for videos of our events.

2017 RMHE Colt Starting Challenge USA Contestants
Caleb Kenner - Stapleton, NE
I grew up on a cattle and horse ranch in the Nebraska Sandhills. I started riding green horses when I was about nine. I broke my first horse from start to finish when I was twelve years old. I have been starting and training horses ever since.
I have seen a lot of approaches to starting a horse that would bring confusion to the horse immediately and on down the road in training. There is no one certain way that I start a horse. I believe that like people every horse is different and a lot of the time they require a different approach.
I like to really focus on teaching a horse by eliminating the different opportunities for confusion. I am just thankful that God has surrounded me with people who are good horsemen.

Fousto Navarro - Lyndhurst, NJ
I’m Fausto Navarro, from Costa Rica; a small Country in Central America. I grew up on a farm. I have been working with horses since I was 15 years old. By working with my Father, I learned his methods of “Natural Horsemanship”.

I love ranch work, colt starting, training, roping, and solving problems. I prefer natural methods because it’s the best way to build trusting partners. I have no idea how many colts I have started. Probably in the hundreds.

I enjoy helping people and showing a safe way to communicate with their horses. Build a solid foundation gives the best opportunity for success.

Margaret Blaha - Arvada, CO
From California to New Jersey, Margaret has been competing in horsemanship-oriented competitions whenever the opportunity presents itself. Although she's always been passionate about horses, it wasn't until 2011 that she started her first colt for the Extreme Mustang Makeover in Colorado. From there she was offered a trainer position for the Rocky Mountain Horse Rescue (a non-profit) where she started impounded horses and helped problem horses so the general public could adopt them. She moved to Oklahoma, and then to Nebraska and continued to train colts while learning more about cattle and ranch work.
Colt starting became her focus and she has since taken every opportunity to improve her skills and pursue her passion. She loves the challenges of various breeds and disciplines. She enjoys competing in drill team, trail competitions, ranch horse versatility, and reining.

Margaret is currently managing the Horse Protection League in Arvada, Colorado. She evaluates and trains horses for the organization. She also currently owns and operates a carriage company, and is a year-round TIP trainer for the Mustang Heritage Foundation. Margaret is available for lessons and training for a variety of interests. She believes in a soft touch for a solid foundation in every horse.
Justin Hains - Florissant, CO
Justin is a 44 year old horseman. He learned the art and trade of horsemanship in the Sand Hills of Nebraska. In the year 2000 he uprooted and moved to Southern California where he was mentored by Lynn Mattocks to navigate around in the local horse scene. Justin then started Mobile Horsemanship by “Cadillac Cowboy” because of his love for Chris LeDoux music. He drives a Cadillac car that he purchased in 1999 after graduating from University of Nebraska at Kearney.
He develops a “California style” when dealing with horses in various situations for the general public. He works with all breeds, classes, and ages while starting horses under-saddle and rehabilitating problem horses. Quarter horses, Arabians, Mustangs and Thoroughbreds were the most common breeds and through them all, good horsemanship skills held true. Remember to always “consider the horse”.
In the fall of 2012, Justin and his wife Patti moved to central Colorado to help friends start Shiloh Ranch, a horse ministry that serves those who serve Our Lord. They live outside Florissant, CO on the Just1more ranch with their horses, dogs, mini-donkeys and various other pets. Justin travels to Hershey, NE often where he buys, sells, trades, and trains quality quarter horses.
West Taylor - Freemont, UT
In 2009 West found himself standing in the driveway of his Executive home on the golf course watching the repo man take away the family's Cadillac Escalade. His once thriving communications contracting business was now nothing more than classified ads trying to sell whatever he could to buy food for his family and try to answer the constant phone calls from debt collectors. With no income, feeling completely lost and not even sure of his identity, West reached out to his father to make arrangements to live on the vacant family ranch in rural Utah.

Confused and searching for “the meaning of life”, West visited a nearby Bureau of Land Management wild horse facility where the U.S. government houses nearly 50,000 wild horses that have been removed from the western landscape of America. There was something about the wild horses. They appeared to be in the same mental state as West, removed from everything that was once safe, not sure of their future, and SCARED! West adopted two wild horses that day and took them back to the ranch.

Without a JOB, West dedicated the next few years of his life to not only discovering how to communicate and train the wild horses, he also discovered and learned about himself. As the training progressed with the Wild Horses, West also noticed that the horses were teaching him about “the meaning of life”. Hungry for more, West spent the next 5 years on a quest, a journey to discover all that he could about the Mustangs, which lead him on a journey of self discovery.

West’s story is that of a man who once thought he had everything, the right job title, the right house, all the right toys and a bank account with enough money to buy happiness. By losing it all he finds everything, a peaceful life in the country, a loving family, and most of all he finds himself in America's Wild Horses.
Brandon McDowell - Penrose, CO
Brandon McDowell's business says it all....Riding on Faith. Worry ends where faith begins. Brandon's relationship with the Lord has allowed him the opportunity to pursue his passion as a horse trainer.

Brandon started realizing his calling at 19. He found that starting Colts requires patience and persistence, qualities that apply to many aspects of life. He is an all-around ranch hand, while specializing in starting Colts and roping. Living in Penrose, CO most of his life has opened up many doors in the horse community.  He realizes the importance of building trust with his clients so that they will continue to use his services. He hopes his clients walk away with a horse they are excited about and that they will return with their future needs.

Brandon looks forward to many years of horsemanship while sharing his passion with his son and building a strong foundation for his clients.
Jon Rumsey - Fort Garland, CO
Jon is a professional horseman, certified farrier and riding instructor. He has been working with horses for the last 8 years professionally and truly loves what he does. He runs Equine Transformations, dedicated to the care, rehabilitation of horses, and encouragement of owners to be better horsemen through clinics and personal training. Jon owns Sage Cut Ranch, a breeding and training facility in Ft Garland, Colorado. He breeds all-around ranch and trail horses and offer his studs for breeding.

Jon has always had a love for horses but was not brought up around them. At age 16, he started working as a trail boss for a trail riding company guiding rides on the beach in South Florida. At 24 he was accepted into an Army horse unit as an active duty Soldier at Fort Carson where he sharpened his skills for 3 years before going on his own in 2012. Jon has been in movies, documentaries, commercials, and had his horses appear on billboards across the state of Colorado. In 2014, Jon and his horse, Silver Rio, were certified by the state of Colorado as Mounted Law Enforcement for the Pueblo County Sheriff's Department. He has participated in numerous calls, such as: search and rescue, event patrol and crowd control. Jon has done everything from jumping to mounted shooting, as well as police work to picking up at rodeos. He claims to have never worked a day in the last 8 years, because when you love what you do you never work a day in your life.
Zach Kaup - Denton, NE
Horses have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I can see horses being a part of my life as long as I can help it. They are more than just an animal to me.

I grew up showing Morgan horses, along with my Mom and Grandpa, whom I have to credit my interest in horses to. As I grew older I rode horses for a few people in my area, along with rodeo, riding bulls and saddle bronc horses. Now-a-days I am a farrier and ride horses in Denton, Nebraska, ranging from barrel and roping horses to dressage and hunter jumper horses.

When I look at horses I see peace and freedom. When I am around and using horses, I feel the same way, and that is why I enjoy them so much. To have a horse and you be on the same page is a feeling that can’t be easily explained and only truly understood by people who have felt it. That is what I try to help people with their horses, and that again is a reason I enjoy this life. I have a strong passion for understanding the horses’ mind and how it relates to me and how I can learn from that particular horse.

Mustang Days

Pleasure & Cowhorse Class
2:00 PM on Friday, March 10, 2017
Stadium Arena

8:30 AM on Saturday, March 11, 2017
Stadium Arena

Extreme Race
10:00 AM on Sunday, March 12, 2017
Stadium Arena
Presented by Colorado Mustangs
Rocky Mountain Horse Expo


2017 Equine Comeback Challenge
Forever Home Adoption Showcase

Ranch Class
10:00 AM Saturday, March 11
Stadium Arena
Working Cattle
2:00 PM Saturday, March 11
Stadium Arena
8:00 AM Sunday, March 12
Stadium Arena
2:00 PM Sunday, March 12
Stadium Arena
3:00 PM Sunday, March 12
Stadium Arena

A Home for Every Horse introduces the Equine Comeback Challenge; a program designed to help provide rescue horses with a solid and subsequently the opportunity for these horses in need to receive a new job and a chance at a forever home. The Equine Comeback Challenge allows rescue horses to attend full time training with trainers from all over the country showcasing the ability of rescue horses. The Equine Comeback Challenge features horse and trainer pairs to compete in a 90-day transformation process that is sure to provide excitement and also tug at the heart strings of people all over the world as these horses show their true ability as an equine partner.

Learn more about this program and the 2017 trainers here!

Afterwards, these horses will be offered up for
adoption through the Forever Home Adoption Showcase.


Most Wanted Thoroughbred

with Steuart Pittman
1:00 PM Saturday, March 11
Event Center Arena

Retired Racehorse Project is seeking four horses and two alternates to participate in a competition on Saturday, March 11, 2017 in the main arena during the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo at The National Western Complex in Denver, CO.

CANTER Colorado and Arapahoe Park have teamed up to offer $1,000 in prize money with additional prizes from Nutramax.

NutraMaxlogoRRP will select the participants from applicants based on the following criteria:
1) the quality of work demonstrated in video that accompanies the application,
2) the level achieved in a specific discipline,
3) competition results, and
4) the compelling nature of the horse's life story.

A panel of judges will watch each horse perform and interview each rider. The winner will be the horse that inspires the judges and audience, and best exemplifies the trainability, athleticism, heart, and loyalty that make off-track Thoroughbreds America's best riding horse.

Eligible horses must have been been bred in Colorado, raced in Colorado, or currently reside in Colorado. Entries are due before 5pm on Friday, February 24.


Working Equitation
Witness the expertise of Tarrin Warren in action!  Compete in one or both of the sanctioned Shows where Tarrin is the Judge, or participate in the Ride with the Expert program and ride with her!

About Tarrin...
Tarrin Warren is the owner of TNT Quarter Horses, LLC. She lives in central Texas with her husband, two boys and collection of creatures. They breed, train and show their Quarter Horses. Tarrin also trains and competes on outside horses. In addition to the breeding, training and competing, Tarrin enjoys giving lessons and clinics to help others reach their goals with their horses. Tarrin had been judging, teaching and training for over 20 years.

2017 Working Equitation LECTURE
Wed. March 8 at 6:00 PM
Event Center Paddock Arena
(Non-horse session)
2017 Working Equitation Shows

Wed. March 8 at 9:00 AM
Event Center Arena
*Must Pre-Register


Thurs. March 9 at 9:00 AM
Event Center Arena
*Must Pre-Register

Both of these shows are WE United "B" Rated Shows
for both Amateur and Open Levels
Judge Tarrin Warren

Ride with the Expert at EXPO!
Ride with Tarrin Warren during Expo sessions on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Register to be with Tarrin as she demonstrates various components involved in having the best Working Equitation horse ever. As part of the Ride with the Expert Program, you'll be equipped with 2 stalls for three days, a 3-day entry badge and 3-day parking pass. Spend your entire weekend at Expo with your Horse as several clinicians/clinics will also available. Tarrin’s availability will be limited, and riders may choose other Expo RWTE Clinicians.


Wed. March 8 and Thurs. March 9
*Must Pre-Register
Event Center Paddock Arena

  8:30 AM - Judges & Riders Meeting
9:00 AM - First Ride Start Time

For registration form and pricing,click here...
Show Judges
Wed. March 8 - Saralee Garber, L. from Wyoming

Thurs. March 9 - Niki Wilde, L. from Utah

Select Horse Showcase & Sale

Horse Sale Preview
4:30 PM Friday, March 10
Hall of Education Arena
(1st Floor under the Hall of Education Tradeshow)

Select Sale Horse Auction
4:00 PM Saturday, March 11
Stadium Arena

Click here for Sale Listings

Horse Sale conducted by Harley D. Troyer Auctioneers, Inc., who has been conducting successful auctions since 1978.

Phone:  970-785-6282



Art Show and Sale
All weekend during Tradeshow hours!
Located in the center of the Hall of Education tradeshow floor.

Artist's Reception*
4:30 PM  - 6:30 PM Saturday, March 11
*Entrance Fee Required for Reception

Click here for Artist/Artwork listings

Nearly 30 sophisticated and talented artists who blend their passion for horses with their creative intuition highlight this one-of-find art exhibit. The artists selected to exhibit their works at the "Art in the Park" gallery in the Hall of Education Building at this year's Expo will display paintings, equine-related photography, bronze sculptures and various mixed-media all celebrating the horse from their own perspective and artistic interpretation. Come meet the artists at the reception. All artwork displayed is available for purchase. 

Show and Sale proceeds assist the work of the Colorado Horse Council in protecting the rights of horse owners and the welfare of equines.

We look forward to seeing you there!