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About the Colorado Horse Council:
The Colorado Horse Council was established in 1972 and has been responsible for protecting and promoting the interests of horse enthusiasts throughout the state and nation. Over those 45 years of dedication to the equine industry, the Council has been very successful and is recognized nationally for its efforts.  We are proud of the active industry in our state which accounts for a $1.6 billion economic impact in Colorado (2005, American Horse Council). Part of this recognition is due to the efforts of our Legislative and Regulatory Committee working with hired professionals to evaluate activities at the State Capitol, counties, state trail organizations and parks, along with local community developments.  The majority of our work is educating state legislators, county commissioners, and other government officials that are not familiar with the equine industry.  Hence, we provide information and details about our equine community and the role the industry plays in decision making and the passing of regulations and laws.  Our role is to educate and inform individuals about the equine community, the equine industry and its heritage in the State of Colorado.