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Legislation Information & Updates
2016 Chart of Bills - from 6/14/2016 meeting
2016 Bill Tracking List - from 6/14/2016 meeting

2015 Chart of Bills - from 4/24/2015 meeting
2015 Bill Tracking List - from 4/24/2015 meeting

Legislative Irons in the Fire
(uploaded November 2014)
CHC Q and A Review for Amendment 68 - (uploaded November 2014)
Use or Abuse of Colorado's Citizen Initiative Process - (uploaded November 2014)
Why Colorado Horse Owners Need Brand Certificates (uploaded November 2014)
Protecting Colorado's Equine Limited Liability Law (uploaded November 2014)

2014 End of Legislative Session Status Report
2014 Election Candidates

CHC Position on Legislation that bans the slaughter of horses for human consumption