Working Together... Stronger Than Ever

Colorado Horse Council, Inc.

Our Purpose

The Colorado Horse Council, Inc. is a grass-roots, all-breed, non-discipline specific organization dedicated to linking the horse owners and the horse industry of the State of Colorado into a powerful, common voice in order to protect their common equine interests through legislation and education. It also employs a full-time contract lobbyist, who works with the State Legislature on horse and agriculture-related issues.

Colorado Horse Development Authority


The Colorado Horse Development Authority is a promotional and marketing arm of the horse industry. Established in 1998 through legislation which charged the CHDA to strengthen the equine industry, CHDA is funded through assessment of a fee on brand inspections. CHDA has educated horse owners and the general public on equine health, land management, land use regulations, classification of horses, through videos, pamphlets, twelve town meetings across the state and Ag in the Classroom readers, reaching 66,000 youth in classrooms.

Rocky Mountain Horse Expo


The Rocky Mountain Horse Expo brings people together from the horse world for an exciting three-day event to:

  • Promote the industry
  • Educate horsemen and horsewomen
  • Inform about legislation and industry advances
  • Entertain everyone with a heart for horses
  • And above all – enjoy our horses!

The Colorado Horse Council produces the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo for the benefit of the industry and its enthusiasts. The Expo is held every March. Participate! Get involved. This is your Rocky Mountain Horse Expo.

Heritage Ride


The purpose of The Heritage Ride is to make people aware of the efforts of the Colorado Horse Council and the equine industry in our state. The Ride focuses on education of those in and out of the equine community and is a fundraiser to support our work in protecting horses in our state.


Protecting the Heritage of the Horse
Promoting the Heritage of the Horse
Developing the Future Heritage of the Horse

Colorado Equine City Hall


The Colorado Horse Council (CHC) and the Colorado Horse Development Authority (CHDA) are working together to build our equine industry and community networks. The Colorado Equine City Hall (CECH) can assist you and your equine organization with the administrative functions for your club, help you find information about upcoming events and meetings, as well as allow you to register for memberships and activities. CECH also boasts its Horse Town Store, where the purchase of products, services and merchandise can be made.

We are hopeful your experience here at City Hall is helpful and provides you with the information you need to enjoy many equestrian activities and opportunities in Colorado.

Enjoy your visit to this City Hall!​