Call to Action - "Support the Horse" License Plates
Posted on Fri, February 18, 2011

The Support the Horse Program needs your help to survive!  The equine industry has a chance of loosing this valuable program because not enough license plates have been sold over the past three years.  The decline in the sale of the Support the Horse licenses plates is primarily due to the economy, but to loose this program would be a terrible loss for the industry. The funds from this program are used for many worthwhile equine development projects in the horse industry.  Loosing it means that many opportunities to promote and educate people about our industry will be no longer happen.  Projects like a school literacy program using horse books, the introduction of horses to disadvantage kids, and the education of our state's horsemen will also suffer.

So here is what we are asking. Regardless of what breed of horse you ride, what activities you enjoy with your horse or whether you want to get or have enjoyed horses in the past, "let's get it together" and support our efforts to continue the Support the Horse program.  You can do this by purchasing a Support the Horse Plate (Go to or support our efforts to extend our deadline to sell 3000 plates.

To support efforts to extend the "Support the Horse" program, please write the transportation committee and support House Bill (HB) 1236.  This bill is sponsored by Nancy Todd, and is being reviewed on Wednesday, February 23, 2011.  Contact the Transportation Committee members listed below:

House Bill (HB) 1236:
The bill repeals the requirement that each group special license plate be issued to a certain number of people, usually 3,000, before the department retires or stops issuing the plate. The bill also repeals the requirement that the proponents obtain commitments from at least 3,000 people before a bill is introduced to create a new special license plate.

Vaad, Glenn Cap: 303-866-2943 E-mail:
Looper, Marsha Cap: 303-866-2946 E-mail:
Barker, Mark H. Cap: 303-866-3069 E-mail:
Brown, J. Paul   Cap: 303-866-2914 E-mail:
Fischer, Randy  Cap: 303-866-2917  E-mail:
Gardner, Deb Cap: 303-866-2780 E-mail:
Hamner, Millie Cap: 303-866-2952 E-mail:
Jones, Matt Cap: 303-866-2920 E-mail:
Priola, Kevin Cap: 303-866 -2912 E-mail:
Ramirez, Robert Cap: 303-866-2950 E-mail:
Scott, Ray Cap: 303-866-3068 E-mail:
Tyler, Max Cap: 303-866-2951 E-mail:
Williams, Angela Cap: 303-866-2909 E-mail:

Thank you for your assistance in helping us save this program and also supporting our horse industry in Colorado.


William J. Scebbi

Bill Scebbi
Executive Director
Colorado Horse Council