Our Purpose

The Colorado Horse Council (CHC) is a grass-roots, all-breed, non-discipline-specific organization dedicated to horse owners and the equine industry within the State of Colorado and nationwide. We are a powerful, common voice and work to protect equine interests through legislation and education. The CHC employs a full-time contract lobbyist who works with the state legislature on horse and agriculture-related issues.

About CHC

The Colorado Horse Council was established in 1972 and has been responsible for protecting and promoting the interests of horse enthusiasts throughout the state and nation. Over those 45 years of dedication to the equine industry, the Council has been very successful and is recognized nationally for its efforts. We are proud of the active industry in our state which accounts for a $1.6 billion economic impact in Colorado (2005, American Horse Council). Part of this recognition is due to the efforts of our Legislative and Regulatory Committee working with hired professionals to evaluate activities at the State Capitol, counties, state trail organizations and parks, along with local community developments. The majority of our work is educating state legislators, county commissioners, and other government officials that are not familiar with the equine industry. Hence, we provide information and details about our equine community and the role the industry plays in decision making and the passing of regulations and laws. Our role is to educate and inform individuals about the equine community, the equine industry and its heritage in the State of Colorado.

Our Membership

We are farmers and ranchers, breeders, trainers, showmen and women, retailers, veterinary care providers, service providers, feed producers, and individuals who seek to maintain our rights to own, maintain, and use horses in our state.

The Colorado Horse Council, Inc. has formed a special networking section for Boarding Stable Managers.

For more information, please call 303-292-4981.

Our Accomplishments

  • Developed the Rocky Mountain Horse EXPO into the largest event of its kind west of Ohio;
  • Assisted lawmakers with the removal of the state sales tax on geldings;
  • Drafted the Equine Civil Liability Act (CRS 120.4-119), which was passed by the Colorado Legislature in 1990;
  • Helped change Worker’s Compensation Insurance rates from $51.87/$100.00 paid in wages to $9.36/$100.00 paid in wages;
  • Produced and sold nationally the video, Courtesy on Multi-Purpose Trails;
  • Lobbied for and won the removal of sales tax on vet supplies and agricultural equipment;
  • Prevented boarding stables from being reclassified from ag to commercial for property tax purposes;
  • Developed a lobbying protocol to help local horse owners with land use and other issues;
  • Helped to keep public trails open to horses;
  • Developed education materials on Small Acreage Stallion Management Considerations, Ballot Initiatives and the Colorado Horse Industry, and others;
  • Informed horse owners on important ballot issues;
  • Kept horses classified as livestock instead of pets;
  • Continue to work on changing the initiative process through the State Legislature; and
  • Employ a full-time contract lobbyist to represent the horse industry in Colorado.

Board of Officers & Directors

2018 Board Officers

Bruce Seymore



Lois Tochtrop

Vice President


Andrea Raschke



William (Bill) Scebbi

CEO/Executive Director


Shannon Rushton



2018 Board Members

Victor Cervantes


Edmund Hartl, Jr.


Matthew Herrman


Jonathan Horowitz


Mark Moore


Cassidy Perricone


Vivien Van Buren

Maurice Wade