Great Benefits and FREE for all Trade Show Attendees!

Returns to Rocky Mountain Horse Expo

Official Event App

We're excited to announce that Rocky Mountain Horse Expo 2020 has a free, official app which you can Download and be able to:

  • View the event agenda and plan your schedule
  • Find someone to share a cab (or Uber/Lyft) to go to the EXPO/event together
  • Plan some social activities such as a morning run, city tour, or meet-ups with your fellow attendees. You can even post job openings.
  • Find someone to go to lunch/dinner together.
  • Message and Network with the Clinicians
  • Keep networking with the Trade Show Vendors on their Products Promos!.
  • Receive updates such as last minute room change from the organizers
  • Get presentation documents and slides (if the event organizer uploaded them)

After downloading, use your email address when signing up in the app and choose a strong password, or sign up using a social media account. Once you're signed up, you should be taken directly to your event!

If you aren’t directly added to the event and are asked for an event invitation code when accessing the event, please type in this invitation code: rmhwx (Please do not share this invitation code with people who are NOT attendees of the event).

Already used the Whova app in the past? Double-check that it is installed on your phone, and log in using your existing account email and password.

We look forward to seeing you soon at Rocky Mountain Horse Expo 2020 !

Take a look at these Tutorials for the
Benefits for You and your Business Using Whova!

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Fopr Attendees

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Fopr Vendors

Occasionally you may receive notifications from the event you are attending. Feel free to turn off these emails at any time, or check out the Whova FAQ Page if you have any questions. We also recommend you read the how-to guide and watch the video in order to get the most out of the Whova app. Also make sure you read and agree on Whova's term of use and privacy policy before creating an account on Whova Apps.