Outstanding Pre-Expo Clinics

Come and Ride with Us!

Thursday, February 27th, 2020
National Western Complex in Denver, Colorado

So Much to See and Learn at the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo

Don't miss this opportunity to spend 3-4 hours of clinic time with these national and international clinicians!
All Pre expos clinics give you plenty of one on one time with these clinicians in the perfect setting to address your concerns and questions about your equine activities.

Each of these clinics offers a unique opportunity for you to learn and prepare for your next equine adventure. You will not find such an opportunity at any other Equine Event!

Steve Lantvit

Renowned, award-winning Horseman, Steve Lantvit, captivates the equine world with a fresh and innovative approach to training individuals and horses. Coupled with decades of experience and knowledge across multiple disciplines, Steve’s training program is built on trust, gentle hands, and a true partnership regardless of the rider’s discipline or experience.

Steve Lantvit Horsemanship 4 hr Workshop:

Become a more effective communicator by learning techniques to achieve a soft, responsive horse through proper rein management, timing & release, collection, isolating the horse’s body parts and exercises to improve performance on the trail or in the show pen. The clinic accommodates novice through advanced riders with exercises tailored to each individual rider/horse.

Mark and Miranda Lyon

With each having over a decade of training experience and through the influence of horsemen such as Ray Hunt, Peter Campbell, Buck Brannaman, and Martin Black, Mark and Miranda have developed a unique combination of training skills which have proven to be successful whether they are working with a ranch horse or an award-winning National Champion Jumper. Mark and Miranda have the ability to zero in on the core source of problems and then follow through with instruction for both the horse and rider to overcome these obstacles.

Mastering a trail course, techniques that will improve your score

Larry Whitesell

Gaited Horsemanship

The Trail Horse Clinic

We  can teach both trotting and gaited horses how to be safer more responsive trail horses.

Cavaletti & Ground Pole Clinic with Cody Harrison

Cavaletti & Ground Poles help to make your horse more balanced, flexible (relieving stiffness), stronger, more coordinated & helps to improve the gaits. This clinic will also help horse & rider with timing. Improving these areas will help you create a supple, focused horse that can better perform in any discipline. All disciplines welcome.

Cody Harrison

Cody Harrison’s knowledge and understanding of equine development, horse biomechanics and horse and rider movement allows him to work with horses of all ages. He is a talented riding instructor with a goal to teach riding skills that enhance the student’s equestrian experience and performance with their horse. Cody Harrison excels at teaching his students basic riding skills as well as advanced skills including Dressage, Jumping, and Western disciplines. Cody Harrison believes that as a horse trainer and horse owner, we must always be trying to better the health, fitness, and longevity of our horse’s life and career. We achieve this by reducing mental and physical stress for both horse and rider to a minimum. Relaxation allows for a more efficient and better learning environment. We must work with the anatomy of both horse and rider to keep them in balance and relaxed which allows for all effort to be used for positive movement rather than wasting energy from tension. It is equally important to know the horse’s limitations so we do not ask for more than the horse is capable. You must allow the horse time to understand what it is being asked of him yet at the same time know when to push.