Support the Horse License Plates


The special plates bear the image of a horse and the words, “Support the Horse.” Proceeds from the sale of the plates will benefit the Colorado Horse Industry by education and other programs of value to the horse industry in the state.



“Support the Horse” License Plate Certificate

Your certificate will be mailed to you, arriving in approximately 2 weeks. After you receive your certificate, take it to your County Clerk, pay the state’s special-plate fee plus your regular registration, and receive your new “Support the Horse” plates.

How much do the plates cost?
Year 1 Costs – $80 plus vehicle registration fees and taxes.

  • $44 to CHDA (proceeds to benefit the horse industry in Colorado)
  • $50 to Highway Users Tax Fund and Licensing Services Cash Fund (payable to DMV at the time of registration.)
  • Vehicle registration taxes and fees.

Year 2 and Beyond Costs = Normal vehicle registration taxes and fees

  • Vehicle registration taxes and fees.
  • Individuals are not required to make an annual donation to keep the license plates.

Can you email or fax my certificate?
No. The certificates are printed on specialized paper, and are signed and dated, therefore they have to be mailed. Our turn around time, though, is no more than 2 weeks, and usually it is faster, so you should receive your certificate rather quickly.

Are the $44.00 and $50.00 one-time fees, or will I have to pay them each year?
Both are one-time fees only. Each year after that you will only have to pay your regular registration fee.

Can I get personalized plates?
Yes. If you already have personalized plates and want to transfer them to a “Support the Horse” license plate you will need to go to and fill out a Personalized Plate Conversion form. There will be an additional fee of $60.00 to obtain personalized plates. Please be aware that when you choose personalized plates the logo of the horse will go away. You will have a solid green license plate with “Support the Horse” written across the bottom of the plate.

Can I transfer my current plate number to a “Support the Horse” plate?

What types of vehicles can I put the plate on?
“Support the Horse” license plates are made for cars, trucks, motor homes, motorcycles and farm trucks. Plates are not available for trailers and farm tractors.

My current registration expires in a week, what can I do?
Go ahead and renew your current license plates. Once you receive your “Support the Horse” certificate you can take it to the DMV and transfer your registration to the “Support the Horse” plates. Please contact your County Motor Vehicle Office for details and information of fees.

My current vehicle registration doesn’t expire until next year. Do I have to wait until then to get my “Support the Horse” license plates?
No, you can take the certificate to your Colorado County Motor Vehicle office anytime after January 1, 2009. The DMV will issue a credit for any unused months left on your registration, and renew your plates for one year from the date of purchase.

Can I take my application and donation to the DMV?
No, the DMV cannot issue the certificate or accept the donation to CHDA.

After placing my order, how long will it take before I receive my certificate?
Once we receive payment it shouldn’t take longer than two weeks for your certificate to arrive in the mail.

I live out of state. Can I still get a Support the Horse license plate?
No, unfortunately these plates are only available to Colorado residents. The DMV can not issue a license plate to an out of sate vehicle.

What does CHDA do with my $44.00?
The money collected by the Colorado Horse Development Authority funds statewide research, education, and advertising that enhances the horse industry in Colorado.