Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What is the Horse Promotion Fee?
On June 1, 1998, Gov. Roy Romer signed SB 98-188 into law. This Colorado state law requires that the State Board of Livestock Inspection collect $3.00 on every horse brand inspection performed. All out-of-state horses that come directly to Colorado for sale are assessed at $0.00.

If I do not want to support Colorado’s horse industry, I can refuse to pay the $3.00 Horse Promotion Fee?
NO! However, if you feel strongly that you do not want to support Colorado’s horse industry, you can request a full refund within 30 days of your brand inspection. Your brand inspector can supply you with a refund request form.

If I buy or sell a lot of horses each year, will I have to pay the $3.00 Horse Promotion Fee?
YES. However, if you buy or sell more than 33 horses in a single calendar year, you may purchase a Colorado Horse Promotion card for $100. The card is valid for one year, January to December.

Where does the Horse Promotion Fee money go?
The Colorado State Board of Livestock Inspection collects the money. The money is then turned over to the Colorado Horse Development Authority (CHDA). CHDA pays the Colorado State Board of Livestock Inspection an administrative fee. The remainder of the money is allocated to important projects as assigned by the CHDA Board.

How is the CHDA Board created?
The CHDA Board consists of 14 individuals, who represent various aspects of the horse industry as specified by state statute. They are appointed by the Colorado Commissioner of Agriculture.

How can I get on the CHDA Board?
Application can be made by filling out an application form and submitting it to the Colorado Commissioner of Agriculture. Call the Colorado Department of Agriculture at (303) 239-4100 to get more information and request an application form.

Is this Horse Promotion Fee just another way to fund a bureaucracy?
NO! At this time, there is only a ¾ time Executive Director and a ¼ time clerk staffing the CHDA office. Board members serve on a voluntary basis, with no compensation.

How do I get more information about the Colorado Horse Promotion Fee and the CHDA?
Contact us by completing the form below with your question(s) or by calling (303) 292-4981.

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