From the Commissioner – June Inside Ag
Posted on Thu, June 02, 2011

While the number of confirmed equine herpesvirus (EHV-1) cases has not increased in over a week, you must all still be vigilant in caring for your horses.

Please remember to practice disease prevention (this will link to APHIS brochure) within your own barns; the spread of EHV-1 is a reminder to all horseowners that disease prevention practices should be practiced as a habit and not just during times of a disease spread.

I’ve been impressed with the quick response by our State Veterinarian’s office and hope that we will soon be seeing this situation come to a close.  I’ve also been pleased with the proactive response by horse owners, veterinarians, and others within the horse industry.  Our office has received hundreds, if not a thousand, calls by people wanting to do their part in protecting our horses.

Thank you for being a partner in the effort to contain this disease.  Colorado’s horse industry has a strong, noble history and it’s easy to see that much of that strength continues to come from the cowboys and cowgirls that continue to honor that heritage.

John T. Salazar

Colorado Commissioner of Agriculture

EHV-1 Update

9 confirmed cases of horses with EHV-1
Two horses, which tested positive for EHV-1, were euthanized after showing severe neurological signs associated with the disease.
23 suspect cases. NOTE: Suspect cases are those horses that are believed to have been exposed to EHV-1, show consistent clinical signs of the disease, and have confirmatory tests pending OR are horses showing clinical signs and located in a quarantined facility with a horse confirmed to have EHV-1 in which case, the decision to test will be made by the horse owner and their veterinarian. Release of the quarantined facilities will require EHV-1 testing to assure freedom of the disease.
12 quarantine and hold orders have been issued in 8 counties (Bent, Boulder, Garfield, Gunnison, Larimer, Mesa, Morgan, & Weld).
For the latest information and transportation requirements, visit

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