Keeping the Heritage Alive

The Heritage Ride

Protecting the Heritage of the Horse
Promoting the Heritage of the Horse
Developing the Future Heritage of the Horse


The purpose of The Heritage Ride is to make people aware of the efforts of the Colorado Horse Council and the equine industry in our state. The Ride focuses on education of those in and out of the equine community and is a fundraiser to support our work in protecting horses in our state.

Event Information

In 2017, the Colorado Horse Council put on its 5th Annual “The Heritage Ride” in a couple locations along the Front Range. The event is typically held Saturday of Father’s Day Weekend in June.┬áThe Ride is approximately 2 hours, depending on location.

CHC invites all equestrians to come and join us next year in a day-long equine adventure, where there will be educational opportunities for you to learn about trail riding, equine safety and much, much more. Attendees may also have the opportunity to ride with guest clinicians from the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo.

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  • Promotes the Heritage of the Horse
  • Protects the Heritage of the Horse
  • Develops the Future Heritage of the Horse

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