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Here is what The Heritage Ride Is All About!


The purpose of The Heritage Ride is to bring together horse enthusiasts for unique, fun activities and raise funds for the ongoing efforts of the Colorado Horse Council and equine industry. Heritage Rides are in important way to raise funds to support our work in protecting horses in our state.


Past Heritage Ride Information

June 20, 2020, Arapahoe Race Park will host of our first Heritage Ride this year.  This event will include a riding adventure that will sure to please most equestrians.

The ride will start at 8:30 AM and riders will be allowed to take a trip around the race track and get the feel of what jockeys and horses see as they race!  It is a very unique experience and riding on that course is a new experience in itself. Then it is off to an 80 acre trail course where riders will compete to win prizes in our first Heritage Poker Run. This is a great networking ride and a chance for you to enjoy a natural trail adventure and ride to win great prizes.

Now that you and your horse are warmed up, have you ever wanted to try an obstacle course or work with cattle?  Well now is your opportunity!

The Colorado Obstacle Challenge Series will be hosting an obstacle Funday.  You and your horse can practice at your speed, on obstacles that are used in actual Events!  This is a great up and coming organizations that was featured at the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo and have a great belt buckle program as well.

Special Registration Offer:  For those riders that would like to participate in the Colorado Obstacle Challenge Series and participate in all of the other Heritage Ride activities ( Ride the Track, Poker Ride, Barn Tours, lunch and Day at the Races), there is a discounted registration fee  for early registration (register by June 12th!).

Ok, now it is your chance to cowboy or cowgirl up and give yourself a chance to learn to work with cattle.  Whether you just want to try your hand at moving a herd around or trying your skills at Ranch Sorting, this is a perfect venue to give it a try, this is not a competition, it’s an opportunity!  Cattle will be available at the Arapahoe Fairgrounds Rodeo Arena, you’ll be passing it on your way to and from the trail ride, so stop and see what it is all about.

The final part of your equestrian adventure at Arapahoe Race Park is a “Day at the Races”.  Your Heritage Ride registration gets you entrance into the race park, lunch, barn tours and paddock tours.  Not only will you learn about the racing industry, you be able to see up close the horse and the races.  Arapahoe Race Park has live Thoroughbred and Quarter Horse racing starting at 1:00PM.

The Heritage Ride day at The Arapahoe Race Park offers many opportunities for you to experience horses and have wonderful experiences with your horse.

  • Take a lap around the race track
  • Go on a poker run and win great prizes
  • Try sorting cattle ( Starts at 10:30AM)
  • Try  an obstacle course (Starts at 10AM)
  • Get your horse microchipped
  • Go on a barn tour visiting  race horses, owners and trainers. (Must register in advance)
    • 9:30 AM
    • 10:30 AM 
    • 12:30 AM
  • Have lunch at the track and have a chance to win prizes! 
  • Go on a Paddock Tour Before the Races!
  • Barn Tours 9:30 AM ( Just before entry into the track)
  • Barn Tours 10:30 AM
  • Barn Tours 12:30
  • Paddock tours before the races
  • Lunch served 11:30 -1:30, Enter a chance to win Prizes!
  • Racing starts at 1:00PM, Enjoy the experience of live Thoroughbred and Quarter Horse racing!





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  • Protects the Heritage of the Horse
  • Develops the Future Heritage of the Horse

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