The Equine Heritage Foundation

Mission and Purpose

  • Promote the Heritage of the Horse, which is rich and meaningful in our state and requires continual education in the areas of welfare, training, legal responsibility and the cultural understanding.
  • Protect the Heritage of the Horse, which encompasses the rights of individuals to enjoy, own and actively use the natural resources and the manmade infrastructure our state has to offer for equestrian activities.
  • Develop the future Heritage of the Horse, which has a meaningful human and financial impact in our state which includes quality of life components that is inherent in the reasons why people live, work and play in Colorado.

The Colorado Horse Council started working on a five year dream of realizing and developing resources that will assist our entire equine community with its growth, development and sustainability.  We started a process of looking at our infrastructures, use of technologies and evaluating our community to have a better understanding of our needs.

Here are a few ways we achieved our initial goals.

  • Updated our database programs and developed The Equine City Hall to start bringing a diverse equine network together utilizing cloud-base association management systems.
  • Restructured our Boards with industry participants that are currently involved in today’s equine activities.
  • Participate in a national Equine Economic Impact Study, collecting data specifically on our equine community in the State of Colorado.
  • Taking a leadership role in the Coalition of State Horse Councils and the American Horse Council to learn and be certain of the consistent nature of our industry.

The results of our last five years has led us to the development of the

Equine Heritage Foundation that will:

Unite our equine community, provide the necessary educational formats to improve the welfare of equine, and provide opportunity for others to share the lifestyle of this exceptional human animal bond community.

The forming of equine foundations of this nature in other states have led to strong awareness programs, educational formats that include youth programs to professional development, result based welfare programs and  a thriving equine industry.

Our goal is to have these functions accomplished by September 1, 2020 and start our campaign Fall 2020.  As a stakeholder in our Colorado equine community, we invite you to become involved in our goals in the establishment of the Equine Heritage Foundation.  This is an organization that has your best interests in mind as we continue to develop our future equine industry.



Keep the Heritage Alive!

We appreciate your donations that will help support the role of the Equine Heritage Foundation in protecting your equine interests through education, development, and welfare of the equine community in our Rocky Mountain Region.

Your Donations of $100 or more will receive two (2) all inclusive tickets to the 2024 Rocky Mountain Horse Expo! 

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Your donation benefits you because the EHF is a  (501(c) (3) Organization and your donation goes directly to benefit the work of the EHF.

  • Promotes the Heritage of the Horse
  • Protects the Heritage of the Horse
  • Develops the Future Heritage of the Horse

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