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Membership in the Colorado Horse Council 

When did 25 gallons of unleaded buy you these basic benefits?

  • The Colorado Horse Contact newsletter keeps you current on the state of the horse industry in Colorado and across the nation.
  • Professional lobbyists promote your equine interests at the State Capitol .
  • Legislative and regulatory updates help you make informed decisions.
  • Listing in the CHC Membership Directory puts your business in the public eye.
  • Horse industry business discounts improve your bottom line.
  • Target your marketing efforts with access to membership mailing lists

And more:

  • Discount on "Equine Liability" signs.
  • Equestrian trails activities.
  • Voting rights in the Colorado Horse Council .

And even more!*

  • $1 million Equine Excess Personal Liability Insurance - Download FAQ's
  • Other Horse-related insurance products available to members through Equisure, Inc and ARG
  • Rocky Mountain Horse Expo tickets (Grounds Admission).
  • CHC Recognition Program.
  • Website listing on CHC's Equine City Hall website.
  • Directory listing as a Membership Boarding Stable Manager.
  • Colorado Horse Council Member Referral Program (for non-profit members).
(*according to the type of membership chosen)

The Colorado Horse Council works... for you!
Become a member today.

Colorado Horse Council Ambassadors:
Just listen to what renowned horse men and women have to say about the benefits of being a Colorado Horse Council member...
Richard Shrake
Richard Shrake:
"All of my traveling has given me the opportunity to see for myself why organizations like the Colorado Horse Council are so important. Please join me as a member today."
John Lyons
John Lyons:
"Colorado's horse industry is continually on the move. To help protect our heritage and growth, everyone should join the Colorado horse Council."
Linda Tellington Jones
Linda Tellington Jones:
"In my experience, the only way to educate people about all aspects of the Colorado Horse Industry is through organizations like the Colorado Horse Council. All horse people in the state should join."
Marty Marten:
"Joining the Council provides excellent opportunities to unite efforts to promote our equine lifestyle now and into the future."
Buck Brannaman:
"If you want to truly protect what you have now and what you want in the future, it is important that you support the Colorado Horse Council."