Andrea Pennock

 Flying Easy Ranch

An accredited Resistance Free clinician and trainer, Andrea is also a professional trainer at the Flying Easy Ranch, involved with the Flying Free 501c3 non-profit, an AQHA Professional Horsemen’s Association member, Buckeye Nutrition ambassador, and Colorado Saddlery professional equestrian.  She showed extensively on the AQHA circuit, and now trains with Resistance Free principles, seeking successful outcomes and horsemanship standards that are applicable to all equestrian activities.  

Available Workshops

  •  Saddle Fitting

    Determine the appropriate saddle fit for your horse utilizing Colorado Saddlery’s masterful saddle fitting system. As a partner with 75 year-old leading saddle manufacturer, Colorado Saddlery, I am excited to endorse Colorado Saddlery’s Flying Easy Ranch model saddles that can be customized to the horse and rider’s needs, are all American-made and boast a 15 year warranty against workmanship or broken tree, the first of its kind and unmatched in the industry.

      Time: 45min   Skill: Everyone   Location: Pen

    Workshop Clinician

  •  Is Your Horse A Good Citizen?

     10 standards to make sure your horse is trained to be a good citizen, elevating the owner’s daily experience, a visitor’s interaction, and marketability for potential buyers.   

      Time: 45min   Skill: Everyone   Location: Pen

    Workshop Clinician

  •  Balance, Rhythm and Timing

    Make riding look easy with these interactive techniques. The rider’s balance, rhythm, and timing are critical to becoming one with the horse, allowing them to perform at their peak by staying out of their way and utilizing synergistic cues and communication.

      Time: 1hr   Skill: Everyone   Location: Large Arena

    Workshop Clinician

  •  Buttons 1 – 2 – 3

    Achieve mind and body control by learning how to direct all of your horse’s body parts and shape his athletic ability. The ability to cue your horse for more accurate body control leads to safer, less stressful experiences with a well-trained horse, and performing at a higher level.

      Time: 45min   Skill: Everyone   Location: Large Arena

    Workshop Clinician