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Chris Stanko
High Country Working Equitation
Chris Stanko has been teaching and training horses and riders for over 40 years. Chris has been working clinician the past 15 years. She has participated in many equine disciplines from 4-H, Little Britches, Ranch Horse Versatility, Eventing, Natural Horsemanship, and Classical Dressage to Western Dressage and now Working Equitation. She has trained with several world-renowned clinicians over the years.

Chris is one of the founding members of High Country Working Equitation. She is a national competitor, Executive Board member of the Confederation for Working Equitation, a student of the Pedro Torres Academy of Working Equitation and an Ambassador for The Confederation for Working Equitation.

Chris first learned about Working Equitation (WE) in 2008. She was captured by the spirit of the sport; it became her passion. She believes Working Equitation creates a strong partnership and foundation between horse and rider that allows them to perform WE with finesse and grace. It doesn’t matter what tack is used, but it does matter how tactful you are with your horse.

Chris teaches Working Equitation clinics all over Colorado. She believes in training horses with correct biomechanics, which means taking the time it takes without shortcuts and riding with a soft and gentle purpose. This approach allows horses to remain sound and as pain-free as long as possible. She believes Working Equitation is the best cross-training for any horse in any discipline.

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Available Workshops

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    Introduction To Working Equitation Obstacles
    This session will introduce different obstacles that are used in Working Equitation. Chris and Lauren will teach the fundamentals of each WE obstacle. They will explain the correctness in bend, straightness and some lateral movements. This is for any discipline of riding and any breed of horse. Working Equitation is the best cross-training for horse and rider pair. It will help you and your horse become better partners. Each morning at Expo we will add different obstacles.
    [icon name=”clock”] Time: 1.5 hrs [icon name=”user-check”] Skill: Everyone [icon name=”map-marker-alt”] Location: Schedule

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  •   Other Workshops  
    Advanced Working Equitation Exercises
    Come learn challenging exercises to help advance you up the levels in Working Equitation. Challenge you and your horse slowly and gently through proper training. Improve lightness, communication, and balance through these exercises.
    [icon name=”clock”] Time: 1.5 hrs [icon name=”user-check”] Skill: Adv Beginner+ [icon name=”map-marker-alt”] Location: Schedule

    Workshop Clinicians