Danielle Winkelman
Behavior Vets
Danielle Winkelman is an animal behavior consultant and trainer who is certified through the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants, Karen Pryor Academy, Fear Free, and TAGteach. She holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of North Carolina and served in the military as a medic. Danielle owns Intrepid Animal Learning and works with a board-certified veterinary behaviorist at Behavior Vets, where she treats a spectrum of behavior issues, including fear and aggression, in all species.

Danielle has a special affinity for wild horses, and one of her photos is featured in this year’s Colorado Mustangs calendar. She volunteers at several rescues and sanctuaries and shares her property with her mustang, alpacas, chickens, turkeys, cat, and dogs.

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Available Workshops

  • Getting Started with Clicker Training
    Join a certified clicker trainer to introduce your horse to the science-based methods of positive reinforcement!

    Clicker training can improve your relationship with your horse, increase their success rate, create clearer communication, and minimize frustration and anxiety.

    We will start teaching foundation behaviors like food manners, targeting, and handling. Topics like how to get behaviors and types of reinforcers will also be discussed.

    Special needs horses (including those who are deaf) are welcome!

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