Eric Paul Ziegler
Double E Farm
Eric found his passion in the study and teaching of 17th and 18th Classical Equitation. Originally a historian and teacher by trade, he applied his research skills to his horsemanship skills and developed a fascinating program teaching correct biomechanics and time-tested equestrian theory from the Spanish and French classical schools of Europe. He travels and also teaches Classical riding and historical Cavalry Horsemanship (including mounted saber and lance) on the road and at his ranch, Double E Farm, in Elizabeth, CO. Eric offers training of both horses and riders, as well as offering clinics throughout North America.

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Available Workshops

  • Practical Classical: What can the 18th Century do for You?
    PRACTICAL CLASSICAL: The roots of all good Western horsemanship and most dressage originated with the Spanish riding academies from the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries. These skills and principles were brought over to the Americas at the end of the Renaissance period, where they developed into what we now know as the modern “cowboy,” and the Spanish vaquero.

    Classical horsemanship is first and foremost concerned for the HORSE, taking into account equine anatomy and biomechanics, as well as the mount’s physical health and mental well being. Enjoy and discover some of these time-tested techniques, and how you can help your horse be the BEST he can be, no matter the discipline. Learn some of the principles that reveal Classical horsemanship as a practical approach for all riding disciplines in all environments.

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  • What is “Classical”?
    What is “Classical”? with Trainers Eric Paul Ziegler and Nahshon Cook. You hear people throw around the term, Classical Dressage or Classical Horsemanship quite a bit these days. But what does that actually MEAN?

    All disciplines, from Western Reining to Stadium Jumping, can benefit from the study of the Classical riding and training principles developed over the centuries that have been proven to be biomechanically correct for a sound, healthy, and happy horse. Our fast-paced, competitive culture nearly lost these important principles to the rigors of win-at-all-costs horse shows and addiction to instant gratification. But when riders started to realize that the old Classical principles can actually help HEAL our horses’ minds and bodies, these ideals began making a strong comeback.

    Join Eric and Nahshon for a fun, lively discussion about the history of Classical equitation, what it is, what is ISN’T, and how it can help you and your horse.

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