Heidi Peterson
The African Cowgirl
From the earliest moments of her life, Heidi Peterson has loved horses. Being raised in Colorado she grew up with a fascination for the West and the mystique of the working horseman/horsewomen’s life. With a background in art and theatre, Heidi started to imagine what could be possible with theatre costumes and horses and helped to create several costumes for individuals who participated in the Dancing With Horses in the early 2000s.

Fast forward to 2015 now the allure and mystery of the West, images, and relics of Buffalo Bill Cody and his Wild West Show, the untold stories of frontier women, Buffalo Soldiers, Black Cowboys, and even Black Cowgirls set the stage for Have You Heard? Harambee!!! This was Heidi’s ambitious project to bring ridden horses and dance performance to the 16th Street Mall engaging homeless street performers, and introducing inner-city folks to the equine legacy of Colorado. This led Heidi to pursue travels in Senegal, Africa where there is a robust presence of horses supporting and transporting goods and people in rural settings. This is where Heidi got the idea of The African Cowgirl, bright vibrant clothing on and off the horse.

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