Jessica Roberts
Harmonized Horsemanship
Jess Roberts, owner and trainer of Harmonized Horsemanship, is a horse trainer and equine behaviorist based out of Franktown, Colorado. Specializing in the horse and human connection, Jess combines a variety of different training techniques and approaches to create a deeper connection that results in a willing and happy equine partner. She has studied directly with some of the world’s renowned liberty trainers, as well as some of the nation’s largest equine positive reinforcement trainers. This education, combined with a degree in psychology and years of watching and interacting with a large number of horses, helps Jess to be a translator between horse and human.

She focuses on some of the subtleties of horse behavior that are often missed or overlooked, giving the horse a voice and a choice throughout the training process. Her program combines respectful horsemanship, liberty training, energy work and positive reinforcement to create a happy and willing partner that will remember what he learns for years to come.

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Available Workshops

  • Stop Trying to Win: A New Way of Being with Horses
    The fundamental view of horses requires us to look at ourselves as “”dominant”” and the horse as “”submissive.”” We must be sure to always win so that our horse doesn’t take over and run the show, right? Wrong.

    This demo will show you a new way of being with horses; a way to reconnect with that childlike part of yourself that believed anything was possible while having fun and being in a true partnership with your horse! We’ll look into how TRUE liberty work can not only transform your horse’s life, but your life as well.

    This demo includes will include an interactive Q&A session so you can ask questions, get answers and leave with a few key ideas to change your relationship with your horse.

    [icon name=”clock”] Time: 1hr [icon name=”user-check”] Skill: Everyone [icon name=”map-marker-alt”] Location: Schedule

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  • Calming the Nervous Horse
    This session will show you new techniques to help calm a nervous, spooky or “unpredictable” horse without having to lunge, turnout or exhaust the horse’s body. By addressing the mind and spirit of the horse, we can teach the horse to look to us for guidance and comfort in any type of situation, without needing to tire their body. This is great for young “wiggly” horses who can’t seem to stand still as well as higher-level performance horses that require a lot of lunging in new places.
    [icon name=”clock”] Time: 45min [icon name=”user-check”] Skill: Everyone [icon name=”map-marker-alt”] Location: Schedule

    Workshop Clinician