Kim Gieseke
Promenade Horsemanship Academy
Kim Gieseke is a firm believer in refining communicate between human and horse to create a better connection with the horse. She is passionate about anything that helps a horse enthusiast do this including horse agility, liberty work, and equine biomechanics. She and her husband own Promenade Horsemanship Academy in Brighton, Colorado, where Kim helps students of all ages start or improve their connection with horses. She coaches several drill teams as well as a large group of horse agility competitors. She was the 2017 World Agility Champion and World Liberty Reserve Champion and occasionally still competes and starts all of her young horses with agility before training them to ride.

Available Workshops

  • Horse Agility For Better Communication
    Horse agility gives the participant a specific, visual, structured course of 10 obstacles to complete. The handler has to learn when to give precise cues, how to be clear with body language, and do both of these in a consistent manner; to successfully complete each obstacle with the horse. Agility is a fun way of learning how to build intricate communication between handler and horse and create a stronger bond in the process.

    Presentation will be a demonstration to show people observing what agility is, how to work horses thru a course and how to help the participants refine their skills at the different levels to build a better connection through precise communication with their horse. Participants will be current Promenade students that compete in agility. If time allows, I will have someone from the audience come out and work with one of my experienced horses ( if allowed by Expo rules, of course signing a release of liability).

      Time: 1hr   Skill: Everyone   Location: Schedule

    Workshop Clinician