Kim Kizzier Sherrodd
School of Applied Integrative Therapy
After 35 years of study in veterinary technology, pre-veterinary and biology studies, human and animal bodywork, natural healing, natural horsemanship, and energy medicine combined with a very successful practice in animal bodywork, I am delighted to finally share my life’s work with you!

I heard once that if you want to write a book, you should write the book you want to read. Taking this advice, I have created the course(s) I would want to take. All this information and training was not available in any one program when I first imagined such a gratifying career and there were few coaches to guide me. In developing The School of Applied Integrative Therapy ~ Equine, I am sharing with you the best of the best that I learned and experienced along the way. Horses have been my co-creators throughout the journey.

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Available Workshops

  • Bridging the Art & Science of Equine Bodywork
    There is power in understanding the structure of the equine body. Once we have a decent understanding of the inside of the horse, we can allow that to be our guide as we journey deeper to embody the intelligence of intuition, feel, intention and connection.

    This program will deliver a brief overview of the skeletal structure of the horse and the ‘6-junctions’ that are often involved when physical body issues arise. From there, we will delve into energetic connection and how we can access an invisible world where matters such as joy, trauma, and identity live within every living being.

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