Larry Killam
HorseGate Ministry
My name is Larry Killam, and I have straddled the saddle for 63 years. For 37 years I was green as an unbroken colt and galloped as a prideful stallion. God asked me into His corral at age 7 and then spent the next 40 years working me in His round pen. During this short round pen session I was introduced to many professional trainers and HorseGate Ministry. From the horse, I learned about relationships between Christ, horses, humans, and myself. My relationship with Christ cinched me to His words and how to use His words to share with others. I’ve ridden down many trails with obstacles and blessings sharing through the horse at churches, camps, equestrian events, schools, and riding lessons. My mission is to proclaim Jesus as the Gate to Eternal Heaven (John 14:6); for people to accept Jesus as their personal savior; and challenge Christians to strengthen their relationship with Christ all from the back of the horse.

HorseGate Ministry will be hosting the Cowboy Worship Service this Sunday. Larry Killam will be giving a message that will cinch up the Bible to the horse. From Genesis to Revelation the horse is used to illustrate the relationship, pride, notoriety, wealth, transportation, mail delivery, speech, and punishment to name a few. Larry’s message will focus on his relationship with Job his mustang.

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