Mindful Horseback Riding – Advanced
Alecz Adams will present, demonstrate and teach both the foundations of Mindful Horseback Riding and some upper-level exercises from her new book “Mindful Horseback Riding”. Mindful Horseback Riding enhances the bond between horse and rider at all levels of riding, in all disciplines, and even in groundwork. Some of the exercises offered in this advanced class include Breathwork for Equestrians, Yoga on Horseback, Mounted Walking Meditation, Transitions, and participants will also get the opportunity to work with obstacles.
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Workshop Clinician

  • Alecz Adams
    10th Mountain Equine
    Alecz Adams has been working professionally with horses for over 30 years. A successful competition and professional rider in a variety of disciplines: Hunters, Jumpers, Eventing, Reining, Trail, English Equitation, Western Pleasure, and many Gymkhana Events, she also works as a horse trainer, private riding instructor, and ranch manager. Ms. Adams spent several years designing, creating and training both horses and staff for several companies, including the number one equestrian tour in Peru, Mountain Lodges of Peru. Ms. Adams also founded Destination Rescue, a program created to help small equine 501(c)3s grow and integrate into their communities, by helping each rescue find their niche and create their own programs in their area. She also co-founded 10th Mountain Equine, a nonprofit dedicated to providing Equine Assisted Therapy and the fact-based research which validates it. Ms. Adams has been providing Equine Assisted Therapy to Veterans, children and families for over a decade. She has developed a new therapeutic trauma releasement method known as Equine Fusion Therapy which has been very successful in her practice. Ms. Adams is one of Eagle County’s original Health and Human Services Equine Assisted Therapy and Therapeutic Riding providers.

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