Nahshon Cook

Nahshon Cook

Bio: Nahshon Cook was thirteen years old when he took his first riding lesson on an old professor named Willy at the Urban Farm at Stapleton, where he was a student in their Embracing Horses riding program for five years. During that time he was introduced to the art of Classical Dressage: a scientific system of equitation based on the mental development of the saddle horse proceeding greater physical demands. He has since been a devoted practitioner to this method of building partnerships with horses.

Philosophy: Nahshon Cook holds the adage “Follow the horse and find heaven in every step.” as the golden rule to his approach to teaching and training. He is a student and scholar of the art and science of classical dressage. He loves horses and believes they should be happier and healthier because we are in their lives. He specializes in starting, training, and rehabilitating riding horses by teaching them proper use of their backs. He also believes horses deserve good riders and strives to teach people to relax their horses by first relaxing themselves. His main riding influences are the classical masters, his horses, and his students. 

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Available Workshops

  • Mindfulness as a Tool to Address Training Challenges

     In this presentation, participants will be introduced to the possibilities of mindfulness as a tool to address training challenges, with a focus on using the breath to find balance, and balance to find feel. The goal of this presentation is that for the riders to be able to learn to observe and gather information about how their physical, mental, and emotional states can contribute to good communication, or lack there of, with their mounts.

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  • What is “Classical”?
    What is “Classical”? with Trainers Eric Paul Ziegler and Nahshon Cook. You hear people throw around the term, Classical Dressage or Classical Horsemanship quite a bit these days. But what does that actually MEAN?

    All disciplines, from Western Reining to Stadium Jumping, can benefit from the study of the Classical riding and training principles developed over the centuries that have been proven to be biomechanically correct for a sound, healthy, and happy horse. Our fast-paced, competitive culture nearly lost these important principles to the rigors of win-at-all-costs horse shows and addiction to instant gratification. But when riders started to realize that the old Classical principles can actually help HEAL our horses’ minds and bodies, these ideals began making a strong comeback.

    Join Eric and Nahshon for a fun, lively discussion about the history of Classical equitation, what it is, what is ISN’T, and how it can help you and your horse.

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