Tina Wright
Diamond in the Rough Horsemanship and Training
Tina Wright has decades of experience finding the “diamond” in the roughest of horses. Her ability to stay present at the moment, and her unique understanding of the language of the horse, has built her reputation for being one of the best problem-solving horse trainers in the region. She is a specialist in the baroque breeds, having extensive experience training both Friesians and PREs (formerly known as Andalusians), having a deep understanding of these horses’ unique qualities and challenges. But whether it is a wild mustang or a carefully bred Spanish horse; a youngster or a seasoned campaigner, Tina is able to crack the communication code to bring out the very BEST possible in nearly every case. Her kind, fair, boundary-based training allows the horse to blossom with confidence and create a true connection to the rider. She is thrilled to have the chance to teach you this magic formula so your horse can find his/her inner diamond with you.

Bring your most challenging issues to Tina’s presentation, and let her help you find a solution! No matter what your riding style, she is ready to show you the way to a new level of horsemanship. She looks forward to meeting you!

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Available Workshops

  • Diamond in the Rough
    What’s the greatest challenge you and your horse face together? Have you found the valuable “diamond” inside your relationship with your horse? Tina is well known for her expertise in solving those challenges that make some people give up on their four-legged friends. Be it a wild mustang or a finely tuned dressage horse, Tina can help you build your communication skills with your horse, and help you solve those frustrating issues. You will enjoy Tina’s compassion and humor as she guides you through the steps of creating a strong bond that satisfies you both.
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