What horses teach us about Authentic Power and Leadership
Horses embody qualities and principles of leadership and power that help humans learn embodied, grounded and practical skills and perspectives on many of our current cultural challenges. Current research in social psychology, neuroscience, and applications to effective leadership will be taught.

This will be a PowerPoint lecture and experiential lessons and handouts presented.

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Workshop Clinician

  • Sharon Bringleson
    Center for Horses and Healing
    Sharon has taught and mentored students in the field of equine facilitated learning and coaching since 2007.

    Based in Fort Collins, Colorado, she has traveled and taught throughout the US, Australia, France, and Germany. Working with horses spiritually since childhood, she stands in a wisdom stream of both indigenous and Christian spirituality to help people learn to live and lead purposeful, whole and balanced lives that are in the right relationship with themselves, their families and their community.

    She says that horses teach embodied spirituality and that is what she teaches and offers in her individual sessions, workshops, lectures, and apprenticeships.

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