Special Equine Events

The following Special Events are coming to the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo!

Last Updated: February 16, 2023 9:16 am (MST)

Special Events Tailored Specifically
for You and Your Family

The Heart of Gascon Horsemanship

While my family’s horsemanship journey goes back 5 generations and includes many World Championships in a variety of disciplines, the heart of Gascon Horsemanship has always been to use simplicity and communication to get everything we want out of our horses.My mom was the second-youngest woman to win Congress in the 80’s and my dad was a world-renowned Paso Fino trainer with multiple world championships under his belt. My sister and I followed in their footsteps with multiple national and world championships as well.

BreyerWest is a Breyer-sponsored model horse event that includes model horse shows, model horse hobby workshops, demos, and more! This year’s event takes place February 24-26, 2023 at the National Western Complex in Denver, Colorado, in partnership with the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo. Please be sure to read the important information about the event here.


The Expo Art Show and Literary Corral will be part of a larger promotion of Art, Film, and Books at the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo under the Promotional Direction of the EQUUS Film and Art Fest. This collaboration will height the awareness of Equine Filmmakers, Artists, and Authors.

Mini Horse Fair & Photo Booth

The adorable mini horses from Prestige Petites schedule for photos:

Fri, Feb 24
11 am – 12 pm
1 pm – 2 pm
3 pm – 4 pm
Sat, Feb 25
11 am – 12 pm
1 pm – 2 pm
3 pm – 4 pm
Sun, Feb 26
11 am – 12 pm
1 pm – 2 pm

Horses 101

Everything you need to know

From feeding, grooming, health care, farrier science, to the legalities while having horses under your custody, care and control.

Many experts will be available to discuss what is involved in owning and caring for horses/mules.  You’ll have the chance to visit with the Westernaires, as well as Colorado State University Equine Stewards about their programs and activities.

With your Handshake you will:

  • become the person others can trust with a handshake and your word.
  • Exemplify the Cowboy Dressage way of life and find the courage to chase your dreams.
  • Not allow defeat when faced with setbacks in your life and your horsemanship.
  • Treat all horses and people with integrity and kindness.
  • Look for “the try” in your horses and always reward them.
  • Look for “the try” in people as you travel down your horsemanship path.

Cowboy Dressage Show

Featuring clinician Lyn Ringrose-Moe

Thursday, February 23, 2023

Register through Equestrian Entries. Detailed instructions are here: https://www.cdwcolorado.org/howtoentershow. Deadline: Feb. 18, 2023.

Come try this quickly growing discipline, which emphasizes Soft Feel and kindness to the horse and fellow rider, in a friendly, supportive setting! High Point prizes are available for Youth, Amateur, Open, and Partnership on the Ground.

Questions? Email us at CDWColorado@gmail.com

Put Your Equine Trivia in

Presented by:

  • Speaking of Horses TV will present a Jeopardy version of Equine Trivia with the entire audience participating!
  • Prizes will be awarded from the many Sponsors of Speaking of Horses TV ! We will also film the Show!
  • Look for the Speaking of Horses TV Equine Trivia hour on yout Expo’s Schedule…..JOIN US for FUN!

Westernaires is a mounted precision drill organization composed of Denver-area youngsters from 9 to 19 years of age. Founded in 1949, Westernaires has provided training in western riding, precision drills, and horse care for over 70 years. Some members also elect to receive training in specialty acts such as trick riding, roman riding, and dressage.

World of Horses Showcase

The Breeds

  • Hafflingers
  • Norwegian Fjords
  • Mustangs
  • Gypsy Horse
  • POA, ½ draft (1/4 shire), quarter horse, Appaloosa, Thoroughbred, Arabian, Paints, Foxtrotter
  • Fresian Sporthorses, Shire, Andalusian,
  • Mules
  • Black Arabian

This exciting addition to the Expo Schedule was introduced in 2020!  28 various breeds of horse will be showcased in this presentation where you will learn about their origins and evolution to today’s riding venues and performing partners.  After the showcase, you will be intuited to join the handlers and equines in the paddock area and learn more about these exciting breeds!  One time showing Friday, at 5PM.

Colorado Premier Horse Sale

Vaughn Long Auctioneers LLC

2023 Horse Auction

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunity - We need your help! 📣


Volunteers are vital to our success! We invite you to participate in a virtual volunteer meeting.

Zoom Meeting Invite -> https://conta.cc/3RENnKj
Volunteers may assist for a few hours during the Expo, February 24-26, 2023. Opportunities include directing people to locations, greeting people at the door, helping out during special events or assisting the Expo Team with their tasks. All types of skills are needed, we'll find something for you to do!