ROcky Mountain Horse Expo


Event sponsorship gives your brand the opportunity to generate awareness, boost your image and gain exposure. Certain elements of your sponsorship are powerful, including naming rights that put your name and brand on event collateral and marketing materials. 

Ever dreamed of the incredible exposure you could have if Colorado’s most popular, 28-year-old, annual horse expo carried your name and brand? This is now possible for the upcoming22 Rocky Mountain Horse Expo and is attainable and affordable compared to the cost of naming rights of equine events of its kind.

The exclusive 2022 ‘Triple Crown Sponsor’ will receive naming rights for the 2022 Rocky Mountain Horse Expo and relish in the incredible exposure naming rights will bring. ‘Triple Crown’ bidding starts at only $25,000 and the highest offer made before January 15, 2022, will be declared the exclusive ‘Triple Crown Sponsor’ for 2022. Every piece of marketing and promotion will have your name on it after January 15, 2022. Naming rights to Colorado’s most popular, annual equine event is the most powerful investment you can make to promote your organization’s name and brand.

For sponsorship opportunities, email us at or phone 303-292-4981.