The Mane Event

Rocky Mountain Horse Expo

National Western Complex

4655 Humboldt St.

Denver, Colorado

About the Mane Event

Bring the entire family to the Mane Event – a spectacular family performance showcasing the beauty and talent of horses set to music and lights. The Mane Event always stars horses of different breeds and disciplines, providing audiences with an exciting and breathtaking performance.

Tickets for the Mane Event shows are sold separately from admission tickets to the Expo floor. Buy your tickets today at


Mane Event Lineup

Mane Event Acts are being added to this page continuously, so please check back often!

‘MUSTANG MADDY’: Madison Shambaugh

Renowned for her work/training wild horses, Madison Shambaugh – known as ‘Mustang Maddy’ – is best known for her liberty training methods and advocacy work to change negative stereotypes about America’s Wild Horses – Mustangs.

In her quest to fully understand wild horse behavior, Shambaugh added zebras to her herd as a way to learn more about and study wild equine behavior.

“Mustangs are just horses with really strong instincts; Zebras are equines with even stronger instincts,” said Shambaugh.

The zebra’s very strong flight or fight tendencies make them hard to train, making them lazy when they feel safe to save energy for an escape from predators. It takes much longer to gain trust from a zebra than a wild horse. 

Mustang Maddy – Madison Shambaugh