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Front Country Horse Camping, What to Know BEFORE You Go *******CANCELLED********

Good horse camping is easy; excellent Horse Camping requires a little more preparation. We’ll discuss how to get the most out of your adventures this summer. Including what to look for in a campground, ways to contain your animals, and even learn why Love Letters are an essential part of every camping trip!
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  • TrailMeister

    Robert Eversole


    Robert’s passion is providing educational and entertaining clinics to help horse owners move past their fears and on to their ambitions and dreams of trail riding and horse camping.

    As an internationally recognized clinician, author, keynote speaker, and riding instructor, Robert “the TrailMeister” coaches horse owners and aspiring riders on how to enjoy trail riding and camping with equines. In his inspiring and informative clinics, he shares his decades of experiences on the trail and in camp and explains both what works (and why!) as well as what hasn’t worked over the decades he’s been riding and camping across the continent.

    TrailMeister clinics are filled with useful, workable, information that every rider and camper can use and relate to. Clinic attendees will leave with the tools and confidence they need to safely enjoy the great outdoors. Robert helps riders realize the goals they had when they brought horses into their lives; to get out on the trails.

    When not on the trail Robert belongs to a mule named Ruger and a dog named Boo.

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