Abby Pacheco
Heart 2 Horse and ACC

Abby Pacheco is the owner and trainer of Heart 2 Horse – Equine Services, focusing on horse training, riding lessons, and equine massage therapy. She concentrates on the general wellbeing and care of the horse, educating the owner and the rider, and developing a program specific to each individual horse’s needs. Building trust with the horse and confidence with the owner makes Abby so passionate about her role in the equine industry. She enjoys instructing riding lessons to not only teach students how to ride, but to also instill priceless knowledge related to horse ownership and connection. In addition to training and lessons, Abby is a certified equine massage therapist. She uses her knowledge and skills of massage therapy to help horses heal, recover, and generally feel better. She will pair equine massage therapy and horse training together, to help develop a well-rounded and supported horse. Abby has had the opportunity to train and work with a number of horses and owners and feels blessed to have been a part of so many wonderful transformations.

Abby is a graduate of the Arapahoe Community College Equine Program and is now the successful business owner of Heart 2 Horse – Equine Services outside of Black Forest, CO. Abby has involved herself with horses from a very young age by volunteering at equine facilities, riding with her local drill team, and interning alongside other equine professionals. She’ll never pass up an opportunity to learn something that will further better the horse. The trust and connection she will create with horses and their owners is a bond like nothing else. She says “Being a horse trainer is not just a job, it is a lifestyle”.


  • Building Trust and Connection

    Learning how to create a bonded connection with your horse can be difficult to achieve. In this presentation, you’ll learn something new that you can begin working on with your horse immediately! Horses can come from a variety of different backgrounds and creating a trusting connection with a horse can leave us simply feel “stuck” and disconnected during training. Quite a few horses come from negative situations or we just aren’t aware of their past; some horses are older and well-behaved, but are disengaged from their owners, and sometimes we just want to simply deepen the bond we have with our horse. Over the course of three days, learn a few ways to better the connection between you and your horse. Learn the fundamentals of working in the round pen, creating softness, and the beginnings of liberty work.

    Day 1: Round Pen Basics and Finding Softness
    Day 2: Finding Connection Through Liberty
    Day 3: Lunging and Structured Training

    Time: 45min/day Skill: Everyone Location: Schedule/td>

    Workshop Clinician

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