Cody Harrison
CH Equine

Cody focuses on the individuality of the rider and horse. He works with each rider to find balance physically, mentally and emotionally. Once the person is balanced, they can then focus on shaping the horse. He customizes each work session to create an environment where the rider can be successful. Through experience he’s seen that when a rider works with a horse through balanced energy, they discover their own personal strength and remarkable things happen.


  • Training Series 6/6 Advancing Your Riding

    In the final part of this series, we will see how our riders are doing and assess what they need to work on going forward. We might decide to try and take a movement to the next level or teach a new movement altogether. We may do an exercise to advance the horse, or we might decide to do some exercises to advance the rider. This can be an exciting time for a rider. It can also be scary as you start to tread unfamiliar waters. Understanding your horse, yourself, and trusting your instructor to know when and how much to advance is a matter of understanding your horse.

    Time:  1hr Skill: Everyone Location: Schedule
    Workshop Clinician

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Volunteers are vital to our success! We invite you to participate in a virtual volunteer meeting.

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Volunteers may assist for a few hours during the Expo, March 15-17, 2024. Opportunities include directing people to locations, greeting people at the door, helping out during special events or assisting the Expo Team with their tasks. All types of skills are needed, we'll find something for you to do!