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Horse Agility For Better Communication
Horse agility gives the participant a specific, visual, structured course of 10 obstacles to complete. The handler has to learn when to give precise cues, how to be clear with body language, and do both of these in a consistent manner; to successfully complete each obstacle with the horse. Agility is a fun way of learning how to build intricate communication between handler and horse and create a stronger bond in the process.

Presentation will be a demonstration to show people observing what agility is, how to work horses thru a course and how to help the participants refine their skills at the different levels to build a better connection through precise communication with their horse. Participants will be current Promenade students that compete in agility. If time allows, I will have someone from the audience come out and work with one of my experienced horses ( if allowed by Expo rules, of course signing a release of liability).

Time: 1hr Skill: Everyone Location: Schedule

Workshop Clinician