Jessica Roberts
Harmonized Horsemanship
Jess Roberts, owner and trainer of Harmonized Horsemanship, is a horse trainer and equine behaviorist based out of Franktown, Colorado. Specializing in the horse and human connection, Jess combines a variety of different training techniques and approaches to create a deeper connection that results in a willing and happy equine partner. She has studied directly with some of the world’s renowned liberty trainers, as well as some of the nation’s largest equine positive reinforcement trainers. This education, combined with a degree in psychology and years of watching and interacting with a large number of horses, helps Jess to be a translator between horse and human.

She focuses on some of the subtleties of horse behavior that are often missed or overlooked, giving the horse a voice and a choice throughout the training process. Her program combines respectful horsemanship, liberty training, energy work and positive reinforcement to create a happy and willing partner that will remember what he learns for years to come.


  • Stop Trying to Win: A New Way of Being with Horses
    The fundamental view of horses requires us to look at ourselves as “”dominant”” and the horse as “”submissive.”” We must be sure to always win so that our horse doesn’t take over and run the show, right? Wrong.

    This demo will show you a new way of being with horses; a way to reconnect with that childlike part of yourself that believed anything was possible while having fun and being in a true partnership with your horse! We’ll look into how TRUE liberty work can not only transform your horse’s life, but your life as well.

    This demo includes will include an interactive Q&A session so you can ask questions, get answers and leave with a few key ideas to change your relationship with your horse.

    Time: 1hr Skill: Everyone Location: Schedule

    Workshop Clinician

  • Respectful Horsemanship: A New Way to Do Groundwork

    I studied and practiced natural horsemanship techniques for many years, but never fully agreed with all of the methods. I don‚’t like instilling fear into a horse to gain his or her “respect,” nor do I want to use movement (i.e. moving the feet) as a punishment or means for control. So I created ‚”Respectful Horsemanship,” which utilizes some of the ideas and techniques behind natural horsemanship, but takes into consideration the natural language of the horse, the beauty of subtlety, and mutual respect of boundaries.

    This clinic will be very hands-on for participants and will dive into a variety of different ways to work WITH your horse on the ground instead of against them. There‚’s not a need for dominance and submission when you have a two-sided partnership and respect on both sides. From trailer loading to standing still to leading past‚ “scary things,” Respectful Horsemanship has a solution that will feel good to you AND your horse for years to come!

    Time:  1 hr Skill: Everyone Location: Schedule

    Workshop Clinician

  •  Rewarding Subtlety: Creating True Softness in Your Horse

    There is a way to create softness in your horse without amplifying your aids, adding excessive pressure, and getting loud. To do so, we must quiet our minds and open our eyes to find the smallest, most subtle responses from our horses and reward them immediately. In this presentation, Jess will work with a participant’s horse to demonstrate how to read a horse’s body language and expressions in the most “simple” groundwork exercises to reward subtlety. By doing so, instead of creating over-reactivity, fear or edginess, we can create true softness in our horses.

    This presentation will only be open to 1 participant. Jess will work with the horse first and then will teach the owner how to do the same exercise.

    Time:  45 min Skill: Everyone Location: Schedule

    Workshop Clinician

  •  Problem Solving Behavior Issues

    This clinic will help participants get to the bottom of their horse’s behavioral issues and find a way to SOLVE the problem through mutually Respectful Horsemanship. Whether you are facing problems on the ground or in the saddle, this one-on-one session with Jess will help you see the light at the end of the tunnel, and you’ll leave feeling hopeful and excited for the future with your horse!

    Problem Behaviors Like:

    • Biting/Kicking/Rearing
    • Bracing against the bridle
    • Bolting
    • General bad attitude
    • Extreme nervousness
    • Excessive spooking
    • Lack of focus
    Time:  1 hr Skill: Everyone Location: Schedule

    Workshop Clinician

  •  The Ego & Its Role in Horse Training

    This lecture and Q&A session is designed to help people discover how their ego is impacting their relationship with their horses as well as the role it plays in traditional horse training. Discover different ways to “tame” your ego when it comes to the relationship with your horse and how it can transform the way you view horsemanship. We will also discuss how your horse perceives you based on the energy and intention behind your requests and Jess will teach you ways to quiet your mind in order to be the best leader possible for your horse! Questions are welcomed!

    Time:  TBD Skill: Everyone Location: Schedule

    Workshop Clinician

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