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Heart of the Horse

JP Dyal and Lisa Calder started Heart of the Horse for YOU! The human. Heart of the horse is built on 30 years of combined extensive horsemanship and personal development skills. JP and Lisa bring a unique and fresh approach to help us open our hearts through working with our horses by becoming aware of our inner landscape and breaking through our barriers. The horses heart is always open; It’s the humans heart that needs the help. In doing so we can have a stronger connection with our horses, ourselves and the relationships around us. Opening the heart between the horse and human is our love, Transformation is our passion.


Available Workshops

  • Overcoming Fear And Building Trust

    We will be working on overcoming fear. Have you ever wondered how the Police horses stay calm during a riot. Wondered how the rider got their horse to walk over the bridge or thru the river. In this clinic, you will learn the art of recognizing the change in your horse and how to build more confidence in yourself and your horse. This clinic has a circus atmosphere and is the favorites of participants.

    JP and Lisa will be working with people and their horses who they have never worked in several scenarios requiring the rider/handler to be the leader for the horse.

    Time:  1 hr Skill: Everyone Location: Schedule
    Workshop Clinician

2023 Rocky Mountain Horse Expo

February 23 - 26, 2023

Thank you for your interest in the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo. This year, we look forward to a fully operational onsite event at the National Western Complex in Denver, Colorado.

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