Kate Neligan

Awakening With Equines

Kate Neligan is an equine-partnered life and business coach, healer, and animal communicator whose life’s work is devoted to the human-animal bond. Kate has been an equestrian for over thirty years, competed in college, and has supported horse rescues in multiple states. Kate pairs her intuitive gifts with those of horses (and goats too!) to help people access their own inner power and connect to their life purpose. She has a Master’s in Spiritual Psychology and is certified in Equine Experiential Education. Kate has also been a best-selling author, TEDx speaker, corporate marketing VP, and Huffington Post writer. Alongside her mares Celita and Phoenix, Kate is the creator of Awakening With Equines, a unique certification program for new and next-level equine-partnered facilitators.

In equine coaching sessions and workshops around the country, Kate facilitates powerful transformation by helping high-performing women to navigate life transitions with more ease, presence, and flow. She also supports companies in developing mindful cultures and communication skills through team celebrations and leadership retreats.


Available Workshops

  • What To Consider When Considering An EAL/EAP Certification

    The field of Equine-Assisted Learning and Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy is continuing to grow with more options than ever before to become a certified practitioner. However, the options can quickly become overwhelming. This presentation will address ways potential participants can access different training programs so that it aligns with their interests and values. Kate will also cover the three main competency areas needed to be successful with this career path and the ways in which people can block their own progress so they can avoid them.

    Time:  1hr Skill: Everyone Location: Schedule

    Workshop Clinician

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