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Understanding Colorado Brand Inspections to Protect Your Horse and Legal Rights

  1. History of state brand board
    1. Why was it formed
    2. Why is it still around
    3. Why horses
    4. Who are the brand inspectors / brand board?
  2. Why do I as a horse owner, buyer, seller, participant care about or benefit from a brand inspection? What does it do for me?
  3. What does my brand fee pay for?
  4. When do I need a brand inspection?
  5. Answers to questions commonly asked of brand inspectors
  6. Examples of some tricky situations that can be avoided by planning and compliance
  7. When in doubt, call your local brand inspector or the brand inspection office! They are nice people, and it is their job to help where they can.

Christopher Whitney
Brand Commissioner
Brand Inspection Division
P 303.869.9165
305 Interlocken Parkway, Broomfield CO 80021 I

Margrit Lent Parker
Member, Brand Board
303.481.2866 (phone/fax)

Time: 1hr Skill: Advanced Location: Schedule

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