Marie Hancock
Operation Equine
At a very young age, Marie started working with horses and learned how powerful relationships with horses can be. Especially because her father was a licensed mental health professional, her interest in psychology created her vision of working with people and with horses for the betterment of both. This came from a deep longing to be of service in a way that also fulfilled her own passion of love for the outdoors and working with horses. She is the proud spouse of an OEF Veteran and understands – first hand – the challenges of being a military spouse and parenting a military family. Marie, her husband, and their young children were stationed on Ft. Carson in Colorado Springs for 3 years and lived through the hardship and uncertainty of her husband’s deployment to Afghanistan in 2010.

Marie’s professional breadth of knowledge extends from military/veteran individuals and families to clients suffering from addiction, depression, and suicidal ideation; from those on the Autistic Spectrum and who have ADHD and other learning differences to terminally ill clients; and clients suffering from anxiety, grief and loss challenges, and those recovering from sexual abuse.

She has worked with a diverse group of Mental Health practitioners, is an avid animal lover and advocate, and is dedicated to continually deepen and extend her knowledge, her skills, and her ability to serve clients with the Eagala Model.

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