Phillip Whiteman Jr.

Circle of Life Connecting Human, Horse and Spirit

Northern Cheyenne traditional Chief Phillip Whiteman Jr, Heove ve’keso (Yellowbird), comes from a long line of horse people, who are the caretakers of horse medicine and songs. His great-grand parents traveled to the Great Basin and exclusively shared their horse medicine with Indigenous Peoples there in ceremony not to be shared beyond their circle. Still the teachings were appropriated into what has since been referred to as natural horsemanship, yet missing the central dimension of working with the energy/spirit of the horse. His circle of life teachings are based on his life experience, which made him come full circle. As a young man he became a champion in the Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association (PRCA), and a two times Indian National Finals Rodeo (INFR) World champion in the saddle bronc. In 1990, he became the first PRCA European tour champion, in Helsinki, Finland and competed on the same tour in Paris, France, in 1991.

He found his way back to the creator on the back of a bucking horse and returned to his ancestral teachings. His grandparents and parents bestowed upon him the responsibility to continue caretaking the horse medicine and teachings that connect to the energy/spirit of the horse. He is also a traditional story teller and flute player and a champion in old style traditional grass dancing which is connected to the spirit of the horse. Chief Phillip served as the cultural advisor for the film Hostiles, working directly with Christian Bale. He led an indigenous delegation that opened the World Equine Games in Lexington, Kentucky.

Available Workshops

  • Circle Of Life Teachings: Connecting Human, Horse And Spirit

    Northern Cheyenne traditional Chief Phillip Whiteman Jr. will present his deeply connected way of working with the energy of the horse. Raised as a Cheyenne speaker and right-brained thinker, just like a horse, he works directly with the energy/spirit of the horse, rather than breaking it. His life experience has led him to understand the impact of Western linear thinking on horses and humans. His circle of life teaching model helps rebalance and bring together human, horse, and energy/spirit.
    His first presentation will be the origin story of the horse and how it is connected to the Cheyenne culture and way of life. His second presentation will speak to the Circle of Life connected to the horse. The circle of life represents the energy we are all connected to and how we can connect on an energetic level without pressure and release techniques, desensitizing or breaking a horse. His third presentation will go deeper into the connection between the horse and human energy/spirit, and how working with horses can also help us connect deeper to our own spirit. Come to experience how his approach works miracles with horses and humans, recognizing that we are all energy/spirit.

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