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Relational Horsemanship

Morning Clinic Sessions

The focus will be on helping people that have communication issues with their horses. The goal will be to give them new skills from a Relational perspective that will help them develop a calm, soft mind.

Afternoon Sessions

This focus will be a little more on self-carriage and athleticism. Horses will need to be a little farther along. Calm through three gaits but looking to deepen their understanding of balance, self-carriage, and lightness.


Time: 1hr Skill: Everyone Location: Schedule

Workshop Clinician

  • Josh Nichol

    A Horseman’s Pursuit

    Different From The Start

    Even from his younger years, it was readily apparent to those around him that Josh Nichol had a remarkable gift when it came to interacting with horses. Fortunate enough to have parents that noticed his affinity for the equine early on, much of Josh’s life has been spent developing his understanding and knowledge of horsemanship. Under the guidance of world-class mentors, Josh quickly learned his life’s calling: continually seeking and developing better methods of creating long-lasting relationships with one of God’s most fascinating and beautiful creatures. Driven by a passion for connecting with, and understanding the needs of horses, Josh has created a transformative approach to horsemanship: Relational Horsemanship.

    The Method

    Relational Horsemanship is built on a foundation of forming a deep connection with our horses by striving to understand their needs and empowering them to perform at peak capacity rather than dominating them. Refined over two decades of experience working with clients from across Canada and across multiple disciplines, Josh’s method has rapidly gained an international following among horse owners and equine professionals alike.

    Josh’s students now span the globe, with a wide variety of services and training materials ensuring that his Relational Horsemanship method is easily accessible. What began as an interest in spreading a deeper understanding of these incredible creatures has evolved into a rich fountain of knowledge for everyone, from recreational enthusiasts all the way up to Olympic competitors.