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Respectful Horsemanship: A New Way to Do Groundwork

I studied and practiced natural horsemanship techniques for many years, but never fully agreed with all of the methods. I don‚’t like instilling fear into a horse to gain his or her “respect,” nor do I want to use movement (i.e. moving the feet) as a punishment or means for control. So I created ‚”Respectful Horsemanship,” which utilizes some of the ideas and techniques behind natural horsemanship, but takes into consideration the natural language of the horse, the beauty of subtlety, and mutual respect of boundaries.

This clinic will be very hands-on for participants and will dive into a variety of different ways to work WITH your horse on the ground instead of against them. There‚’s not a need for dominance and submission when you have a two-sided partnership and respect on both sides. From trailer loading to standing still to leading past‚ “scary things,” Respectful Horsemanship has a solution that will feel good to you AND your horse for years to come!

Time:  1 hr Skill: Everyone Location: Schedule

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