Science Based Horsemanship – A look Into Your Horses Brain And Autonomic Systems

A science based approach to communication, handling, and training horses. no gimmicks, no funky tricks, horses don’t lie and science is proven truth. See it for yourself.

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  • West Taylor

    Wild West Mustang Ranch

    In 2009 West Taylor found himself standing in the driveway of his Executive home on the golf course watching the repo man take away the families Cadillac Escalade. His once thriving communications contracting business was reduced to nothing more than few classified ads trying to sell whatever he could to buy food for his family and try to answer to the constant phone calls from debt collectors. With no business, no income, and feeling completely lost and not even sure of his identity, at 40yrs old West reached out to his father to make arrangements to restart and recreate his life while living on the vacant family ranch in rural Utah.

    Confused and searching for the meaning of life. West visited a nearby Bureau of Land Management wild horse facility where the U.S. government houses nearly 70,000 wild horses that have been removed from the western landscape of America. There was something about the wild horses. They appeared to be in the same mental state as West, removed from everything that was once safe, not sure of their future, and SCARED! With no horse training experience at all, West adopted two wild horses that day and took them back to the ranch.

    Over the course of the next year West spent all of his time trying to train the horses without any background or experience in what he was doing. He mostly failed. With lots of questions in his heart, he knew there had to be more! He consumed as many horse-training resources and opportunities as possible over the next five years. During a discovering self meditation seminar West discovered an inner voice, his intuition. This inner voice shared a message with him. This message came from the Mustangs. The message was, If you will follow the Mustangs we have a journey for you, and in return for the gift of this journey you are to assist the Mustang in an honorable transition into humanity. West has been following the Mustangs from that day on. The mustangs took West to Dr. Stephen Peters (also an avid Mustang owner) who shared his science research into how the horses brain can actually process stimulus and how and when the horses brain is actually learning. This new science information radically changed the way West approaches training Mustangs. West was also introduced by the mustangs to his most powerful mentor, Mrs Janiece Wilson of Queencreek Arizona. Janiece studied under the guidance of Mr. Monty Foreman from 1963 to his death in 1987. She continues to this day as a certified Monty Forman instructor.

    West dedicated the next few years of his life to not only discovering how to communicate and train the wild horses, he also discovered and learned about himself. As the training progressed with the Wild Horses West also noticed that the horses were teaching him about the meaning of life. Hungry for more West spent the next 5 years on a quest, a journey to discover all that he could about the Mustangs which lead him on a journey of self discovery.

    West’s story is that of a man who once thought he had everything, the right job title, the right house, all the right toys and a bank account with enough money to buy happiness. By losing it all he finds everything, a peaceful life in the country, a loving family, and most of all he finds himself in Americas Wild Horses.

    West and his wife Kami now offer clinics and retreat weekends at the family Ranch in Fremont Utah.

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