Sophia Harris

Versatile Equine, LLC

Sophia has 20+ years of experience competing across multiple disciplines. Her roots are in Eventing and Dressage but living in Colorado allowed her to expand her knowledge base into Ranch Versatility and Cow Horse competitions. Sophia has earned multiple AQHA World Championships in Western and English Dressage. She is a carded NRCHA judge.

Her program is based on these 3 pillars:
1) Biomechanics
2) Mental Mindset
3) Intuition

Sophia’s understanding of biomechanics makes the physical training easier for the horse and rider. This allows the horse to learn quicker and with less stress. Both mentally and physically, the horse stays sounder longer. The rider is able to stay in better balance in all circumstances.

Sophia teaches mental mindset tools that help turn failures into successes. These tools develop skills of awareness, dealing with fears and doubts, and accomplishing future goals. All of which builds confidence.

Sophia’s intuition bridges the gap in communication and helps bring out the best in the pair’s relationship. She intuitively knows what needs and questions pop up in the moment. As those needs are addressed and questions answered, it opens up space for understanding and coming together as a strong partnership.

These 3 pillars create Happy, Confident Performance in and out of the arena.

Available Workshops

  • Flatwork For Fences

    How can riding on the flat help with your jumping? You’re not jumping every ride, so make those off days count! In this clinic, we will look at both the biomechanics of a jumping horse and the mental side of jumping. Whether you’re just starting out, or are a seasoned fence hopper, we will give you a new perspective on what your horse is feeling and how you can help. You will leave with a variety of tools to help your horse jump better, cleaner, and with more scope. And let’s not forget the rider! There will be some exercises done for our development! Come have fun over a few fences with us!

    Time:  1.5-2hr Skill: Everyone Location: Schedule
    Workshop Clinician

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