Trail Safety And Confidence

Come join us for an interactive clinic on keeping yourself safe in the saddle. We all enjoy our beautiful trail system but unfortunately there can be some unsavory characters about. Can you avoid the situation? What do you do in the event someone tries to put hands on you? Bring your horse or just come by and learn some time-tested techniques to keep yourself safe. The clinic emphasizes the partnership between horse and rider, balance, and confidence.

Time:  1 hr Skill: Everyone Location: Schedule

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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunity - We need your help! 📣


Volunteers are vital to our success! We invite you to participate in a virtual volunteer meeting.

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Volunteers may assist for a few hours during the Expo, March 15-17, 2024. Opportunities include directing people to locations, greeting people at the door, helping out during special events or assisting the Expo Team with their tasks. All types of skills are needed, we'll find something for you to do!