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What Horses want us Humans to Know
The Horses are telling us that we live upside down!

The Horses are asking us to get our priorities in alignment with our Heart, Soul and Nature–to partner with them to redeem and restore our Integrity.
My 12 years of co-facilitating human transformation and healing with horses has confirmed the truth of this message.

Horses live in both the expanded worlds of The Sixth Sense and the grounded world of the Five Senses. They can teach us how to navigate the bridge between those worlds and to learn to live in right relationship with our intuitive, non-rational mind, as well as our rational, linear mind in a balanced, whole way.

When we learn to accept and practice our intuitive insights with horses as teachers, we can learn to trust in Life. Horses have much to teach both those who use intuitive or meditative practices to bypass unresolved issues, and those who resist the intuitive non-linear messages constantly flowing from these beings and Nature.

The wisdom of living in balanced communication between intuitive (right) and rational (left) brain hemispheres is based in current brain research. This lecture will present a slide show of relevant neuroscience findings as well as experiential practices to take home and practice with your horses and families to develop Integrated Living.

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