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Why Barefoot?
Putting shoes on horses is often a decision made by habit rather than by need.

Most of the time, our horses will be better off without shoes. Going barefoot allows the hoof to naturally expand and contract, increasing circulation in the hoof and leg, and inspire natural wear.

The Barefoot Trim movement has demonstrated to many horse owners that their horses are healthier and stay sound longer without the constriction of metal shoes.

Since we have domesticated our horses and don’t give them as much opportunity for free movement, we have to replace the action that miles and miles of travel would create, and trim the feet for them. However, a “farrier’s trim” that simply leaves the hoof shorter but shoeless is not the same as a “Natural Barefoot Trim.” A trained Natural Barefoot Trim farrier will shape the hoof and roll the toe in such a way as to maximize the natural way a horse will wear its foot if given the freedom to move in a natural way. Doing so has proven to be the healthiest way to keep your horse sound.

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