The MANE Event

at 2018 the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo

Horses take center spotlight at

The Mane Event

7:00 pm

Friday, March 9, 2018


Saturday, March 10, 2018

Love to cheer for a show-off? Friday and Saturday evenings during the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo “The Mane Event” puts the spotlight on horses doing exactly that: Reining, Racing, Piaffes and Playing. You may see Reining Freestyle Champions sliding, spinning and stopping; or Team Penners moving cows with style and finesse; Vaulters may be leaping; Dressage Champions might be dancing; and Draft Horses could be the tall of it, while Miniature Horses would be the small of it. Whatever the lineup, “The Mane  Event” has it all!

The Rocky Mountain Mane Event is for everyone: families with children, horse lovers, and folks looking for a high-value evening, with music and fun included.

The Rocky Mountain Horse Expo is produced by the Colorado Horse Council, representing Colorado’s horse interests, regardless of breed or discipline affiliation.

Ardent for Andalusians or avid for Arabians? A fan of Fjords? The Mane Event includes an alphabet of breeds, disciplines and talents, showcasing horses at the top of their form. Approximately 90 horses will perform under the lights in the Event Center at the National Western Stock Show Complex. “This is a great display of horsemanship, entertainment and excitement ever presented at the Expo”, says Bill Scebbi, Expo Manager and Executive Director. “Each act exemplifies the joy and beauty derived from witnessing human and horse coming together in this fun filled, 2 hours of pure entertainment.”


Program and Riders May Change Without Notice – Check Back Often for Latest Changes and Updates

Mane Event 2018
Order of Go

  • Opening Ceremony
    • Katie Cassiday singing the National Anthem
    • Blazing Saddles / The Rocky Mountain Riders of Evergreen (alternating drill teams)
    • CO State Sheriff’s Posse
  • “Combat”
    • Gladius Roman Riding
  • “Celebrating Mardi Gras – Haflinger Style”
    • Promenade Horsemanship Academy
  • Doma Vaquera / Western Dressage Duett
    • Frances Carbonnel and Esteban, Jessica Swenson and Jubilee Banjo
  • Ambassadors of Iceland
  • The Rocky Mountain Riders of Evergreen
    • Denise Schupp and her amazing team
  • Classical Dressage
    • Nahshon Cook and his Thoroughbred gelding “Nova”
  • Dancing with Cowboy Dressage
    • Lyn Ringrose-Moe and the Colorado Cowboy Dressage Riders
  • “Are Y’all Ready For This?”
    • The Twisted Trick Riders
  • “Calypso”
    • Lauren Smith and Lauren Woodruff’s Friesian gelding Beinte
  • “Olympus”
    • Gladius Vaulting
  • “An Unusual Pas Des Deux”
    • Jennifer Glass and Sultan Siglavy, Kristen Hartman and Amadeus Mozart
  • Blazing Saddles Drill Team
    • Cindy Adams, Madeline Wagner and their amazing young ladies
  • Arabian Champions from Scottsdale
    • Colorado Arabian Horse Club
  • “The Dream”
    • Cottonwood Riding Club
  • “Pirates of the Caribbean”
    • Frances Carbonnel and her Andalusian Stallion “Fino”
  • “Trapped”
    • Gladius Chariot
  • Finale