Rocky Mountain Horse Expo Draws Equine Stars to Denver!
Posted on Fri, March 11, 2011

That’s the best way to describe the range of talent, expertise and all things equine that will make up this year’s Rocky Mountain Horse Expo March 11-13 at the National Western Complex.

Whether you’re have a horse or not, you’ll find something to enjoy at the Expo.

“We truly do have something for everyone,” said Bill Scebbi, executive director of the Colorado Horse Council, the event’s parent organization. “We’ve got world-famous clinicians, a packed trade show floor and a lineup of fantastic entertainment for our Mane Event.”
The Mane Event – Friday and Saturday evening performances – feature breeds and performers ranging from medieval re-enactments to Guy McLean’s amazing performance to beautiful dan cing Andalusians .  “We’re really pleased to have such a great variety of acts in the Mane Event this year,” Scebbi said. “We’ve got so many different breeds, so many disciplines, so many ways to appreciate these beautiful animals, I know everyone who comes out is going to have a great time.”

Daytime events include clinics and presentations on riding, holistic horse fair, driving,  horsemanship, equine health and more. More than 200 vendors will fill the tradeshow floor. Artists will display their works in Equine Art in the Park. A miniature horse show will run throughout the weekend, as will a holistic horse health fair. Daytime entry is $7; the Mane Event is $10.

For more information, visit the event’s website, YouTube Channel and Facebook page .

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