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Mark Your Calendars for the 2017
Rocky Mountain Horse Expo
March 10 - 12, 2017
Plans for the 2017 Horse Expo are well underway.  Exciting new events and attractions are being put together to make Expo 2017 the most inviting, educational and entertaining than ever before!

Hundreds of presentations/clinicians to choose from:

Cal Middleton - Jason Patrick - Justin Dunn - Richard Shrake
Steuart Pittman - Mike Brashear - Melisa Pearce - Julie Goodnight
Cody Harrison -
Anna Twinney - Lyn Ringrose-Moe - Frances Carbonnel
Cliff Swanson - Tarrin Warren - Dan Craig - Sharon Bringleson
Dennis Kuehl - Ashara Morris - Carol Walker
Terri Wagner & Dr. Regan Golob

Many Exciting Events and Attractions:

The MANE Event - Cowboy Dressage Show - Working Equitation Show
Western Dressage Clinic - Ride With the Experts -
CO's Most Wanted Thoroughbred Contest - Colt Starting Challenge USA
Miss Rodeo Colorado Horsemanship Clinic - Equine Experience Area
Mustang Days
Art in the Park Show & Sale - Tradeshow & Craft Fair
The Comeback Challenge/A Home for Every Horse Auction
Stick Horse Arena
- Horse Select Sale - Horseman's College

Check the Horse Expo Website for more information and check back often for updates!

Colorado Equine City Hall (CECH)
The Colorado Horse Council is the industry leader of all state horse councils when it comes to providing member clubs and organizations with a one-stop-shopping, web-based Customer Relation Management (CRM) database tool!  We are calling our CRM project, "Colorado Equine City Hall", or CECH for short.

As such, we want to let you know that we are getting VERY CLOSE to releasing the first phase of benefits of what a CRM can do for YOUR club/organization! A few of the key benefits to your organization for being part of our CECH project include:
  • Allow clubs and organizations to become united under one website, with links to each organization's specific website.
  • Assist each organization with their outreach, club administration and networking.
  • A centralized, industry calendar of events (shows, trail rides, meetings, special training/clinics, etc.)
  • Membership database maintenance, including generating renewals (i.e., dues orders) and collecting online payments.
  • And much, MUCH more!!!
If you are a horse-related club or organization in the state of Colorado and would like to participate, please refer to invitational letter from CHC's CEO/Executive Director, Bill Scebbi.

Colorado Horse Council Member Benefits:
  • Legislative and Educational Alerts
  • Special Discounts
  • Activities
  • Special Publications for the local horse industry.
  • Click Here to Download Membership Form or Find out how you can join the Colorado Horse Council...working to bring the equine community together.

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Colorado Horse Council Ambassador John Lyons says:
"The Colorado horse industry is continually on the move. To help protect our heritage and growth, everyone should join the Colorado Horse Council."